Who Are Your Home Shopping Favs At High Point Market?

Right before leaving for High Point Market I asked on my Instagram stories what some of your favorite, go to home retailers (p.s. the new questions feature is definitely becoming a new fav!) and the answers I got varied, but with a few repeats — Ashley Furniture, Homegoods/Homesense/TJ Maxx, Target, Wayfair, Overstock, and Z Gallerie.

After getting so many questions in my DMs asking me what High Point Market was or what it meant, I had the crazy Idea so take these retailers & share with you how these retailers — how your favs — relate directly to High Point Market.

Ashley Furniture

Spoiler Alert: Ashley Furniture is one of the vendors at High Point Market. Ashley Furniture Industries occupies a sizable amount of square footage in one of market’s largest buildings — IHFC — with their furnishings & bedding; and they debut their new products right at High Point, because while they may be a retailer, they’re also their own brand. 

Homegoods/Homesense/TJ Maxx

This big 3 of home retailers carries hundreds of brands in their stores and online (TJ Maxx).

Carrying brands such as Grandview Gallery, Loloi, Safavieh, and Stylecraft, you can say these retailers have a bit of “stock” in the trends & previews that come out of High Point Market.

Their ability to carry items at an extremely generous price point — I won’t pretend to know exactly why but coming from a retail background , I know this can be for a number of different reasons — allows you to get these amazing products for less. 

Product Round Up (HPMKT Fav Retailers)


Carrying tons of brands, in addition to their own, you can be certain Target has their finger on the High Point Market pulse.

Browse the site and you’ll see notable High Point exhibitors such as Abbyson, Dorel Living, LumiSource, Modway, Rizzy Home, and Skyline Furniture, confirming that Target likely has a buyer at High Point helping facilitate the product planning for their upcoming seasons & floor sets. 

Wayfair & Overstock

Both major online retailers, they’ve became popular destinations for all things home, from bedding to hardware. They are buyers, just like many of the designers who attend market; so to that end, you’ll notice that they carry a myriad of brands — Loloi, Nourisson, Surya, TOV, Universal, Uttermost, and Zuo, to name a few.

Those brands (and many more) are the exhibitors at High Point Market debuting new product & launching new collections. What we see at High Point now is what you’ll likely see on these sites the following season. 

And this isn’t to say everything that’s revealed at High Point will be on the Wayfair or Overstock sites — and the same can be said for Homegoods. Homeseanse, TJ Maxx, and Target because that all comes down to the buying relationship they have — but you can be certain there’s a buyer from each of these retailers at High Point noting all the upcoming releases while also scoping out potentially new brands to carry. 

Z Gallerie

When most people tell me they love Z Gallerie, they’re referring to the glam, modern decor; and when I think of glam, modern decor I think of vendors like Worlds Away and TOV, that are both known for their elegant finishes, use of bold color, and the perfect luxe finishing touch. 

By now I am probably back from High Point Market & I can’t even begin to share all the inspiration that I was encapsulated in — the new products, the vignettes… and all this inspiration is, nine times out of ten, will be the inspiration for the merchandising floor sets (fun fact — I used to be a visual merchandiser) you’ll be seeing at most of your favorite go to shops!

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