Why I Do Conceptual Design Renderings, Not Real Life Renderings


Hi, I’m Albie and I’m an online designer, just in case you’re new here.

Albie Knows Conceptual vs Real Life Renderings

This means I design & deliver ENTIRELY online. With that, the results — the final design — is also an entirely digital concept. 

I’ve never had clients question this — they’re hiring me for a conceptual design, the ability to see their space in a way that they can’t, to pull all the pieces together, and to provide them with the tools to execute their dreamscape. They’re not expecting an exact replica of their home because when they’re installing, they’re simply in need of a guide to help them visualize the space for themselves & get them to the finish line of a beautiful design. 

Makes sense right? 

And yet this is a question I often get from other designers — why do I only do conceptual designs? 

To be fair, I used to do exact and realistic renderings and guess what — no one cared! They loved their final design regardless of it was the exact chair being shown or not. They’d still feel like their space finally makes sense & can finally be beautiful. And since with the delivery, I’d be walking them through the new design, coupled with their styling guide, space plan, and shopping list, the end result always felt real.

So what the heck is the difference? 

Let's say the project calls for an emerald green velvet sofa from a very specific retailer. Could I take the extra time it takes to create an exact replica of the piece? Sure. But could I also use another emerald green velvet sofa similar in style & size, saving time for both the client & I? Uh duh!

Work smarter not harder! 

The client just wants to know that the style, color, fabric, and size will work within their space -- that the design we've decided on and that I've put together will work in their space. If the conceptual design illustrates that in half the time, and yields the same level of happiness (because I absolutely tested this out) it’s a win/win for both of us! 

The extra time & effort that goes into creating an exact rendering versus a conceptual rendering is time & effort that could go into shopping, styling, or just about anything else for the client. 

In this beach house project, one of my earliest designs, I labored over the final renders guaranteeing the fabrics & finishes were the exact matches to what was sourced on her shopping list and guess what -- it didn't matter!

She was happiest with the detail that went into her shopping list than the ACTUAL rendering. Lesson Learned!

When all is said & done my objective is clear:

To give my clients the tools they need to CONFIDENTLY execute their design on their own.

Conceptualizing the final rendering not only does that, but it also EMPOWERS them to get a little creative during the installation -- it sparks their own creativity, and in my book that's a whole win!

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