accepting new clients fall 2018



F.A.Q. case you were wondering...


+ Is Online Interior Design For Me?

It's for anyone looking for an affordable & convenient way to create their dreamscape space. My clients have included tech entrepreneurs, work from home moms, and lifestyle bloggers, with my role in their life being more than just their designer.

If you're looking for someone to help you optimize and "boss up" your space, so you can establish your work life balance, then I'm your girl, and this is for you!

+ What If I Don't Have Time To Spend Designing?

That's what I'm here for, and that's why virtual design is so awesome!

After our initial web session and a teeny bit of homework at the very beginning, I do all the heavy lifting. I check in with you but otherwise, not very time-consuming on your end.

+ When & How Am I Charged?

You're charged one flat fee for whatever service you choose. Plain. And. Simple. No hourly rates to calculate. Yay!

+ What If I Don't Have A Large Budget?

Trust me, I get it. But beautiful design shouldn't be limited to what's in your purse or pocket, so what you get from me, aside from an amazing design (duh!) is my shopping expertise.

I do all the researching, finding the best pieces to meet you wherever you are in your budget. Because I know all the shopping nooks & crannies, you'll be saving money versus shopping around on your own.

+ How Do I Receive My Design?

Everything takes place online! EVERYTHING! All the designs & and all the communication takes place digitally, via web chat or web video call.

Your custom online studio will be where you find all your design boards, space plans, and anything else we work on.

+ What If I Don't Like My Design?

Ouch! I'll try not to take it personally!

Since this is a collaborative process, I'm touching base with you throughout to make sure it's something you'll love -- this is YOUR design!

Before final delivery of your package, we'll have 2 marquee checkpoints where you can completely veto areas of the design to make sure you get something you love.

After final delivery, you'll have 14 days to basically "rent" my brain while you're starting to implement your design.

+ What If I Don't Feel Like Shopping?

I got you! Although not built into the package, you do have the option to have me do all the shopping for you. Woopty Woo!

You're charged separately for the service but guess what?! Since I'm doing the shopping, you get to take advantages of the fact that I'm an awesome designer with awesome trade friends.

You'll be made aware of any trade/wholesale discounts, invoiced for your shopping list (delivery fees included), and then you sit back & wait for the delivery trucks!