You're busy and life is complicated; but just because you don't have time to run around shopping or don't want to figure out how to DIY, it doesn't mean you don't deserve an inviting living room, a relaxing bedroom, an outdoor oasis, or an inspired office studio.

You deserve a space that looks & makes you feel good!

Find your work-life balance, recharge your creativity, and take your space from being disorganized & underwhelming to functional & inspiring with an alternative design option...

Virtual Design & Styling!

+ Beachy Elegance Master Bedroom

Style Profile

Shabby Chic + Contemporary Glam + Renewed Rustic

Client Profile

As a wife, mom, and full time business owner, it's natural to want to have a place to call her very own oasis. Now fortunate enough to buy a beach front vacation home, that oasis could now become a reality -- starting with the master bedroom.

With an extensive wish list, she wanted a space would celebrate her lifestyle, while still being super comfortable...especially after a long day of project deadlines and clients calls. This was her dream house and so she really wanted her bedroom to be a special place.

Design Therapy

  • create a beachy, elegant retreat by employing cool tones with metal and wood accents
  • designate a seating area at the window for relaxation and decompression
  • maximize the use of vertical space to maintain an uncluttered footprint
  • introduce window treatments to soften the space with a casual look
  • cat friendly design

+ Cozy Chic Beauty Room

Style Profile

Contemporary Glam + Curated Minimal + Mid Century Modern

Client Profile

After 2 years of living with a roommate, she was now blessed to have this spare bedroom that she could transform into her beauty room -- no more makeup in the bathroom or on her side table. She could have somewhere to work her beauty magic and organize her massive collection of makeup; this could also be a place she could do make up for friends and/or film for YouTube, creating a real separation of where she would relax (her bedroom) and where she would "work" (her beauty room).

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+ Cozy Femme Studio

Style Profile

Contemporary Glam + Mid Century Modern + Curated Minimal

Client Profile

Balancing a full time job, school, and a fashion/lifestyle bog, she wears many hats and at the end of the day wanted some place to hang them all and just "turn down".

Living in a studio apartment, although relatively generous in size, she found it difficult to create, define, and separate spaces for the different arenas of her life -- where to relax and where to get work done; not to mention, she was never home long enough to even pull a design together. Any free time she was afforded between working, studying, and blogging, would go to traveling and/or working out.

Design Therapy

  • optimize the studio living space for productivity and relaxation
  • introduce texture and natural elements by way of textiles and accent pieces
  • contrast the pink and gold finishes with rich blue tones for a cozy glam dynamic
  • create an accent wall flanked by textured wallpaper & framed by solid trim for a bold backdrop

+ Organic Glam Dining Room

Style Profile

Contemporary Glam + Dramatic Modern + Refined Industrial

Client Profile

She knew she wanted an "elegant, glamorous, bold, dramatic" design for her formal dining room; however, after painting and receiving a few pieces, she realized maybe that wasn't what she actually wanted. What she thought was dramatic, was actually too dark. What she thought was bold, was too bright. And what she thought what elegant & glamor was too overpowering.

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+ Sexy Sophisticated Sanctuary & Home Gym Haven

Style Profile

Dramatic Modern + Refined Industrial + Classic Traditional

Client Profile

This full time tech engineer is the definition of a "techpreneur", balancing a traditional job outside of the home, in addition to his full time "hustle". Recently adding real estate to his resume, it is no wonder he hasn't had time to tend to his own home.

In between traveling and working, he's not opposed to "upleveling" this single family home, a home he hopes to eventually share with a family. He loves nice things and doesn’t mind spending, but would rather save where possible on small things to spend on big ticket items. With this, he's no stranger to renovation.

Design Therapy

  • blend modern & traditional design with transitional marquee pieces
  • create a cozy yet sophisticated space by contrasting wood with metal accents & dark tones
  • include an area for relaxation as well as work with pragmatic, yet tasteful furnishings
  • transform a spare bedroom into a functional yet relaxing home gym retreat area


Are you a...

creative 'preneur? infopreneur? lifestyle influencer? youtube guru?

Albie Knows Virtual Services Perfect Match
  • want a space that matches your fly, and are looking for a fun & efficient way to make this happen

  • appreciate the pure bliss that comes from walking into a beautifully styled space... like the first sip of a cinnamon dolce latte with whipped cream (of course!)

  • seek the simplicity of effective design, without breaking the bank

  • would rather spend your free time doing & enjoying, not planning & fussing over the details

What I'm Bringing To The Table...

I do all the researching, comparing, and selecting, and help you transform your vision into a beautiful, cohesive design!

Albie Knows Break Line

This entire process is collaborative!

To kick off the design, we'll chat via phone or web (your choice) to refine the project brief and brainstorm ideas! We'll also exchange our expectations for the project to get us off on the same page.

After the consult, you'll receive instructions on how to access your design studio, where you'll find a photo & measurement guide so that you'll know exactly how to send everything I'll  need to start the design.

Your client studio will also be where all your documents for the project -- from start to finish -- will live!

We'll start with your mood board, and then work our way through space planning, sourcing your pieces (a.k.a. shopping!), and finalizing the design. Don't worry! You'll have a chance for revisions (up to 2) as we go along.

To go over the final design & shopping list, we'll have another consultation to finalize everything for delivery.


+ Is Virtual Styling For Me?

It's for anyone looking for an affordable & convenient way to create their dreamscape space. My clients have included tech entrepreneurs, work from home moms, and lifestyle bloggers, with my role in their life being more than just their designer. If you're looking for someone to help you optimize and "boss up" your space, so you can establish your work life balance, then I'm your girl, and this is for you!

+ When & How Am I Charged?

You're charged one flat fee for whatever service you choose. Plain. And. Simple. No hourly rates to calculate. Yay!

+ How Do I Receive My Design?

Everything takes place online! EVERYTHING! All the designs & and all the communication takes place digitally, unless (a) you've scheduled a phone session or (b) you've purchased a tactile design kit.

+ What If I Don't Like My Design?

Ouch! I'll try not to take it personally!

Since this is a collaborative process, I'm touching base with you throughout to make sure it's something you'll love -- this is YOUR design!

Before final delivery of your package, we'll have 2 marquee checkpoints where you can completely veto areas of the design to make sure you get something you love.

After final delivery, you'll have 14 days to basically "rent" my brain while you're starting to implement your design.

+ What If I Don't Feel Like Shopping?

I got you! Although not built into the package, you do have the option to have me do all the shopping for you. Woopty Woo!

You're charged separately for the service but guess what?! Since I'm doing the shopping, you get to take advantages of the fact that I'm an awesome designer with awesome trade discounts. You'll be made aware of any trade/wholesale discounts and markups, invoiced for your shopping list (delivery fees included), and then you sit back & wait for the delivery trucks!

...we won the designer jackpot with Albie for my dream bedroom. She was super responsive, creative, and came up with so many great choices and ideas — constantly providing alternatives for me to consider whenever I wasn’t 100% sure about 1 of the selections. She did so much work & came up with placement ideas that I never would have thought of. I can’t wait to see the room come together in real life.
— Linda L. from Miami, FL