curate the home you’re in and create your own everyday dreamscape
— albie knows

THROUGH ONLINE DESIGN, I’VE helped CLIENTS CREATE A SPACE THEY LOVE! those designs all begin with an inspiration mood board, a visual illustration of each unique dreamscape. browse, shop, and get inspired to curate your own dreamscape.

Albie Knows Pretty & Pampered Salon & Spa

Pretty Pampered Salon & Spa

A fun yet chic destination for mothers and daughters to enjoy a pampered respite surrounded by life’s little luxuries.

Albie Knows Organic Glam Dining Room

Dramatic Glam Dining Room

A bold design with a balance of modern pieces and textural elements, with a touch of dram — perfect for formal dining.

Albie Knows Curated Country Kitchen

Curated Country Kitchen

Nature inspired with hints of Hygge, this heart of the home is filled with soothing tones, natural finishes, and curated decor.

Albie Knows Hollywood Chic Home

Hollywood Chic Home

Glam finishes with neutral hues come together to create a Hollywood inspired design that is full of elegance, character, and warmth.


Albie Knows Everyday Hygge Glam Living

Everyday Hygge Glam Living

This design features a fusion of a Hygge-inspired aesthetic & elegant sophistication, creating a space that is equal parts comfort & glam.

Albie Knows Colorfully Chic Bedroom

Colorfully Chic Bedroom

A colorful yet chic & inviting design, anchored by cozy textures with pops of color, creating a space that inspires rest without sacrificing style.