Design Therapy

You’ve read the blogs, pinned the inspiration, binge watched the shows... and now you're ready to start being intentional with your design choices so you can create your dreamscape. But how!?

Design Therapy is all about going beyond the how and diving deep into the why so that we're getting to the literal heart of all the decisions we make when styling our spaces.

What does your room say about you?

What does your room say to you?

What do you want it to say?

How often do you really think about how your space can affect your mind, body, and heart? Have you put thought into the emotions that you want to convey (or forget) so that you can really create your dreamscape? Getting to the heart of these answers is how we get to the heart of your design so we can create that inspiring home office, calming bedroom, and inviting living room you deserve! 

If you're ready to take your space from being disorganized & underwhelming to functional & inspiring, then let's talk about how we can transform your vision into a beautiful, cohesive design!

+ How does a session work?

Consider each session as your 1 on 1 design "brain dump", as well as your personal design audit. You get to express your design frustrations and I do a quick audit of your space -- exploring the the aesthetic, function, and emotion -- so we can brainstorm solutions.

+ How do the sessions take place?

But online of course!

We'll be chatting via video conferencing using a secure, easy platform. Once scheduled, you'll receive all the instructions on how to enter our private online studio. Easy peasy. Lemon squeezy.

+ What can I expect from my session?

After our 30 minute pow wow, you'll receive a follow-up summary and custom action plan to get you started on your design adventure.

In 15 days, we'll schedule a 15 minute follow up mini session to touch base and talk next steps.

+How do I know if I need a session?

Your Pinterest boards gone from being inspiring to overwhelming. You're struggling with how to marry you style with your spouse's. Just the thought of decorating makes you anxious because you worry about kids destroying it. You've fallen out of love with your home because it just doesn't feel right. You finally have your dream home or studio, but have no clue where to even begin.

Now I can go on and on and on... and on! But if even one iota of these resonates for you, guess what?! You need a session!

+ What if a session isn't enough?

You have the option to purchase one 30 minute session or two 30 minute sessions (scheduled separately). If by the end of your session, you're still feeling like you need a more concierge experience, we can definitely talk about what services will best suit you.