there’s nothing more satisfying than translating intangible feelings into a beautiful room that tells a story... your story. 
— albie knows

September 2014, we found out we were expected our baby girl — us, two twenty-somethings living in a studio apartment in Hell’s Kitchen, were about to be first time parents. For the next 40 weeks, we fielded all kinds of questions around when we’d be moving, because how dare we think we could start a family in a studio apartment. Two years later, September 2016, we moved out of that apartment — the apartment we brought out daughter home to, the apartment that hosted family and friends, the apartment where I’d started my business, the apartment that served us in all of our seasons of life…

That apartment was home because we made it home.

Albie Knows

Hi, I’m Albie!

My passion for decoding spaces is the culmination of nearly a decade of retail visual merchandising and freelance marketing, sprinkled with a lifetime of experiences. Using my background of space design and storytelling, I took my real life lessons and launched an online interior design service. My love of design has evolved into a destination for inspiration centered around my blog, video, and social media content. 

For years, I worked as a self-proclaimed “silent salesperson” — a retail visual merchandiser translating brands’ visions into something tangible and transactional. My marketing degree taught me how to "sell" brands, my retail job taught me how to "sell" lifestyles, and my day-to-day life taught me how to bring them together to tell a story!

When I made the natural transition from product presentation into interior design, I was substituting fixtures for furniture & apparel for accents, as another form of storytelling.

As both a designer and stylist, I specialize in connecting my decor-obsessed audience with beautiful pieces and functional design to transform their ordinary spaces into extraordinary dreamscapes. With an exceptional eye for online re-design and styling, I have had the honor of working with clients and brands all over the country through the power of online interior design. 

After nearly three years of leveraging the power of online interior design, I have expanded my passion for designpreneurship in the digital space by founding The Design Influence, a podcast and online community tailored to support the needs of designers looking to better navigate the online space for their businesses.

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Interior design is more than a style…

it’s a lifestyle!

I know what it's like to have a lot of things in the air — personally and professionally — while trying to turn your house/apartment/condo/etc. into a home. As a military wife and toddler mom, I know what it's like to have to prioritize tasks to be tackled and money to be spent.

When we moved from the east coast to Washington, we brought nothing with us but our clothes and her toys — literally, the only piece of furniture we brought with us was a console desk from IKEA that has served as my desk, bar console, and now bedroom vanity. I learned very early that our spaces are more than the items we fill them with. They’re meant to reflect who we are, the lives we live, and the people we hold dear. Good design fits into your life, not the other way around. Good design tells your story!

what story are you telling?

Stop me when I'm wrong...

  • you’ve read the blogs, pinned the inspiration, binge-watched the shows... and now you're ready for your own dreamscape!

  • you're a self-designated design enthusiast so you aren't afraid of designing on your own but struggle with finding your starting point

For some, hiring a designer to do all the heavy lifting is exactly what they need but if that's not where you are, that's okay too!

I’m a self-taught interior designer, and while this is my career and passion, that wasn’t always the case.

I was just a girl who knew that if I wanted to be happy in my space — whether it was in a studio apartment, a 2-bedroom house with a roommate, or back home with my parents — I was going to have to create that happiness. And I’ve been doing exactly that in every home, every size, every season of life.

To create your dreamscape, I just want you to have the most information & best resources in hand! I hope you decide to keep hanging out with me here in my little corner of the interwebs because I have A LOT to share!

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