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Pros & Cons of Moving

So in my lifetime, I've moved 7 times. With every move, I found myself constantly trying to define my life via my space. I'm someone who lives in my head, and with that, someone who's always planning and envisioning and daydreaming. I'd get lost in thought planning changes I'd want to make; because no matter what was happening around me, I needed to be able to control my home. With each move, this has never changed. But also with each move, I've learned just a little bit more about myself, the people in my life, and honestly, the world around me.

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Sassy & Charming Los Angeles Apartment Redesign

Take it from me, moving across the country can be equally exciting and nerve wrecking. You're literally kicking off a brand new adventure, no matter the reason you're moving & mo matter how prepared you think you are. Personally, I never truly appreciated the differences in the two coasts till having moved from east to west; so I could 100% empathize with this client as she kicked off a move from Virginia to California.

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Casual Glam Beauty Room & Home Office

This makeup artist was inspired by some of YouTube's biggest gurus, Tati Westbrook & Desi Perkins, to convert her "bonus room" into a beauty room & home office.

After watching my first beauty room e-design, she reached out & I was so excited to collaborate with her to create her beauty dreamscape.

This design was everything I love about online design -- collaborating with someone fun & creative, designing remotely with someone I'd otherwise NEVER meet, and most importantly, LITERALLY transforming a room & a life. 

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Home Gym Haven 3D Design Tour

This full time tech engineer is the definition of a "techpreneur", balancing a traditional job outside of the home, in addition to his full time "hustle". Recently adding real estate to his resume, it is no wonder he hasn't had time to tend to his own home.

We worked together to transform a spare bedroom into a functional yet relaxing home gym retreat area, using metal accents & dark tones in combination with pragmatic, yet tasteful furnishings.


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Cozy Femme Brooklyn, NY Studio Apartment 3D Design

Balancing a full-time job, school, and a fashion/lifestyle blog, she wears many hats and at the end of the day wanted someplace to hang them all and just "turn down".

Living in a studio apartment, although relatively generous in size, she found it difficult to create, define, and separate spaces for the different areas of her life -- where to relax and where to get work done; not to mention, she was never home long enough to even pull a design together. Any free time she was afforded between working, studying, and blogging, would go to traveling and/or working out.

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How to Redesign & Decorate on a Budget

It's the time of year for lots of hosting & entertaining, so naturally you want your place to look the best it possibly could. I know lots of people who take this opportunity to finally work oh home upgrades, not only for guests, but also to start the year off with a fresh look!

But what do you do if you don't have the budget (or desire) for a complete design overhaul because you're buying gifts & things for the holiday season? 

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Mood Board Monday: Quirky Coastal Half Bath

This half bath was a renovation of a closet -- yes, closet! This really excited me because this closet was flanked by her daughters' bedrooms, and so the new bathroom would be for them to use.

Talk about making use of the space you have to create the space you need! 

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Charming Modern Kitchen

I love working on projects where the client knows early on what they want for the simple fact that it feels more like a collaboration than a job; and this remodel was, from start to finish, an awesome collaboration! She had a great vision in mind for updated their kitchen. We weren't making any changes to the actual foot print -- this was all cosmetic, and all fun.

The initial mood board was inspired by their style, as well as the style of the house, since th the kitchen is part of an open concept floor plan.

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Elegant Boho Living Room

The foundation was already laid with a new sofa & rug, however, we needed to break up all that gray; so I created a design, anchored by those gray tones & featuring organic fibers & metallic accents for a cozy & eclectic setting. By introducing woods, leathers, and other natural materials, we would make the space feel pulled together & inviting, while still maintaining a modern appeal with clean silhouettes. As we worked through this design & brought this mood board to life, we were ultimately able to create the perfect setting for relaxing, working, and entertaining. 

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