How to Stay Comfortable (and Sexy) Working From Home


We’re gonna get a little personal here because, well, I’m a person. And while I am a designer and a blogger, I am first an entrepreneur, and before any of that, I am a mom and a wife. Because my home life and work life both intersect — I work from home — I am always looking for ways to improve my quality of life. 

Last year I did a whole series on my YouTube channel sharing some of my productivity hacks & habits, from an A to Z of my go to resources to staying physically & mentally productive as a work from home mom. 

I’ve said it before but working from home requires a different level of discipline than working outside of the home — and not just because I’m my own boss or I have a family I’m juggling as well, but because with being home there’s a certain level of comfort than can easily morph into complacency and plain ol’ laziness. 

One of my simple yet super effective “hacks” has always been to get dressed — I learned the hard way that while it sounds nice to say you’re working from home in your pajamas, it doesn’t make for a very productive day. 

But here’s the dilemma I started to find myself dealing with — while I had plenty of “house clothes” to wear that were comfortable but still good enough to go outside if need be, I didn’t have house undergarments. Not because they didn’t exist, but because I’ve always been top heavy, fluctuating in cup size from D to F, I’ve always struggled to find bras comfortable enough to be in all day. My very first job — like as a grown up — was working retail for Victoria’s Secret, and even way back then, I’d struggled with fits — few styles were available in my size and the ones that were in my size only came in very VERY basic colors.

After having my daughter, I decided I deserved better, and now working at home full time, I made a commitment to myself to not just find bras that fit or “good” bras, but bras that I could look good and feel good in all day at home and outside. 

Enter ThirdLove

I heard about ThirdLove through one of my favorite podcasts, and knowing the female host’s body type, I was like, “ok this is worth investigating” and I am so glad I did! 

I’ve always said that no two breasts are the same and ThirdLove is one of the first companies i’ve seen to really respect that. 

Albie KnowsThirdLove Color & Size Assortment

When you enter the site, you’re immediately offered help to ensure you have the proper size. Yes please! Then, to take it a step further, each bra lists which of the 10 breasts types it works bests with — Asymmetric, Athletic, Bell Shaped, East West, Relaxed, Round, Side Set, Slender, Teardrop, and Round.

Browsing the assortment I appreciate a few things: 

  1. Being able to see almost every single color of the different styles on models of all colors, shapes, and sizes

  2. Having as many as 10 different colors for bras — even larger sizes — including a variety of nudes

My only regret was that I didn’t know about ThirdLove sooner since *surprise surprise* they carry nursing bras too!

Being instantly hooked, I started to narrow down the styles that I’d want to try — p.s. they offer a 60 day fit guarantee! — and with each style I dove into the reviews. One of the first bras I looked at had 31,000 reviews! Like what?! 

Here are the bras that I fell in love with and can’t wait to try based on the cut, style, and color assortment, guaranteeing that I could feel super sexy under my house clothes without compromising my comfort.

Working on a computer all day from home is already taxing on my body — which is why I strive to find simple yet effective ways to treat my body better. I have had my fair share of back problems from struggling to find a bra that was supportive enough to reign in my chest, but even the ones that would come close to giving me the support I need would leave me feeling less than sexy and/or after a few hours, I’d be ready to rip them off.

I have to also note that while I don’t wear strapless bras at home, when traveling for work, I find myself not packing a lot of outfits because they require a more discreet bra. You can’t even imagine my glee when I saw that their strapless bras went as high as 36E.

And it doesn’t stop there — as I said I have “house clothes” that I like to be super comfortable, yet presentable in so I can feel like I have my life together. I was pleasantly surprised to see that ThirdLove even carried an assortment of lounge wear and even robes! If you’ve ever watched any of my Instagram stories, you’ll know I am almost never without my robe, no matter what I’m wearing!

I will def keep you guys posted on what I get as I get them because I haven’t been this excited about wearing a bra since I actually had to start wearing one, LOL.

Albie Knows