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Fall 2019 One Room Challenge Week 2: The Makings of a New Home

If you read my week 1 introduction to this project, then you know that we’re renovating a basement and converting a one-car garage to create, in essence, a single, split level apartment. 

Last week, I showed you some before photos and the floor plan, but what is the design plan? So glad you asked…

Each area has its own plan but it is one streamlined aesthetic. I’ve mentioned that for this project, I was keeping everything super simple because while having it look good is obviously important, the priority is making it livable, functional, and comfortable. So while a reno may seem like the perfect opportunity for me to go balls-to-the-wall creative with the design, here I really kept it super simple, focusing on keeping it feeling cozy and effortless. 

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Fall 2019 One Room Challenge Week 1: A Cross Country Renovation

This is my fourth time participating in the bi-annual design event. Designers, design bloggers, design enthusiasts, DIYers, and everyone in between all participate, completing a design project within 6 weeks. In addition to the guest participants — like myself — 20 designers are featured, documenting their projects from start to [hopefully] finish. 

This season I’ll be taking on a project that’s very personal, and very near to my heart...

A home renovation! Specifically, gonna be converting a garage into livable space and renovating a flooded basement. 

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Shop The Design: Brooklyn, NY Studio Makeover

Where some people tend to get overwhelming and tap out, is where I just get started. I love the research that goes into finding the right pieces to fit the parameters of any projects — size, cost, timeframe, etc. Because I enjoy digging around the interwebs for product so much, I forget how many of you actually hate the whole things — like loathe it. Needless to say, so many of you messaged me asking about where to find so many of the items from my latest One Room Challenge reveal. Over on my Instagram, I also had you guys guess what you thought the room totaled, and while majority voted correctly, a large amount of you were also about $1000 to $1500 short. That’s when I knew I had to dedicate a separate post to just the shopping list.

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One Room Challenge Week 6: Brooklyn Studio Apartment Before & After

A few months back, I started an e-design shopping consultation for a studio apartment makeover in Brooklyn, New York. I was charged with helping her transform her small, cluttered apartment into a functional and stylish space that matched her Brooklyn swag. As the months turned to weeks, it hit me that the One Room Challenge was around the corner and she was gracious enough to let me submit her apartment as part of the bi-annual event.

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One Room Challenge Week 5: When E-Design Meets Full-Service Interior Design & Organization

Holy Moly Canoli…One week to go!!! And OMG!!! What a couple of days it was! It was a perfect reminder that some progress is better than no progress — the magic is in the editing, not in the perfection. The beauty of e-design is that it doesn’t have to stop here — I can consult with her on the next phase of what she’s ready to tackle, whenever she’s ready, with a quick video conference. But with the bulk of the transformation completed by yours truly, the space already feels less overwhelming and daunting. She can now start to feel confident in her home and be at peace knowing that her stuff isn’t working against — it’s working for her. It’s Design Therapy! 

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One Room Challenge Week 4: Design. Store. Install.

In real time I’m heading to NYC to install the transformation but it took quite a few steps to get here, especially working remotely on the design up to this point. All the white glove service that I shared with you last week completely changed things, making this a seamless process. And now she can come home to a studio apartment that’s super cute, organized, and functional because it’s no longer inundated with stuff. how freeing is that?!

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One Room Challenge Week 3: White Glove Delivery & Storage

It feels like this round of the One Room Challenge is flying by because it doesn’t feel like 3 weeks but it also feels weirdly slow because it’s not my home. Like with any design project, I’m on the client’s timeline more than I am on my own, but for this we did have a schedule we needed to stick to. This week’s agenda — get delivery ready! At the start of the One Room Challenge, we scheduled our white glove delivery with Apt2B and with that date in mind, she knew that things would need to be purged & disposed of before then to make the delivery process even easier. With delivery scheduled, this meant she knew exactly how much time she had to get rid of things! Time for the purge! I partnered with Simplify Storage in NYC to give her the peace of mind of keeping the things that needed keeping without having to see them al the time. No more shoving things under the bed or into corners. Especially with winter finally gone, she could pack away all those coats & boats, and not think about or see em for months! 

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One Room Challenge Week 2: Studio Makeover Design Plan

We’re a week into this 6 week studio apartment transformation and man oh man, am I excited for what’s to come! As is the case with most apartments, the small footprint results in a lack of storage, and so that will be the biggest challenge that I am designing around here. She is a super stylish, super chic NYC gal on the go, and her apartment is just on the go. Lol. I can’t do anything about the existing footprint but by using soft tones, acrylic finishes, and stylish storage, I can definitely optimize the space for sleep, work, and play. 

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One Room Challenge Week 1: Big Style In A Small Brooklyn Studio Apartment

I can’t believe that I will be participating in the One Room Challenge for the 3rd season in a row! But there is one MAJOR key difference this third go round that I’ll be participating in the One Room Challenge — I’m not doing my own home! I’ll be tackling a studio apartment in my hometown of Brooklyn, New York. Naturally I’m excited, as this’ll be my first time doing someone else’s home for the One Room Challenge. This’ll be just like any of my other online interior design (aka e-design) projects, where I’ll be working virtually with one of my favorite people in the world to transform her studio into a functional & stylish space that matches her fly. But this is with a twist because I will actually be flying out to New York to install the project.

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One Room Challenge Budget Breakdown: How Much It Cost To Refresh My Bedroom

As you may already know, for the Fall One Room Challenge, I refreshed our master bedroom — a few major upgrades & some minor decor updates, but all renter-friendly. The transformation made a huge difference in the function & aesthetic of our bedroom, and when I shared it on Instagram, I got quite a few questions surrounding the cost of doing something like this. So I said to myself, “why not breakdown the cost of everything — past, present, and sponsored, that went into creating my Hygge bedroom?”

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One Room Challenge Week 6: Master Bedroom Hygge Refresh Reveal & Tour

It’s crazy to think that a simple bedroom refresh, redesign if you will, turned out to be this laborious undertaking, but man oh man, was it worth it. Overall the plan was to use the space better, and in turn it would feel better…all while keeping in mind that we rent. While I wasn’t able to get everything done, because life and all that, what ended up being left over isn’t anything that can’t be tackled in our free time.

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One Room Challenge Week 5: Master Bedroom Storage & Mattress Update

One of the biggest components of making this new transformation work is storage — no sense in having everything nice & pretty if it can’t stay that way because there’s no where to put anything. And I am so glad we upgraded our mattress before kicking off this madness & mayhem, because while it may just be a redesign — no reno or major cosmetic upgrades — it’s still somehow managed to turn our bedroom upside down; so imagine having the bedroom in shambles AND an uncomfortable mattress!

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