Guest Bedroom Essentials For The Holidays


It's that time of year when we are beholden to out of town friends & family because it's our turn to host the holidays...and by our, I mean your, because just about everyone we know lives on the east coast & flights are expensive. 

I may not understand your plight (#sorrynotsorry) if you're the lucky one hosting, but I do still know a thing or two about being a hospitable hostess. 

Albie Knows Guest Bedroom Essentials

The holidays certainly aren't the only time of year that any of us may have overnight guests, but during the holiday season -- the season of merriment & counting one's blessings -- we all want to go the extra mile for our guests. 

I've put together a list of essentials that every guest bedroom/suite should have, but this isn't any ol' essentials list -- no ma'am (or sir). Each of these items was hand-picked by yours truly to make the holiday guest experience comforting, special, and memorable. But before we start shopping, let's talk about some practical steps to pulling your guests' home away from home together. 


Go through the closets, dressers...even the floorboards and comb through the entire room that you're transitioning. Toss anything that will have zero value-add to the space you're creating.

If you haven't completely chucked it all, start to organize what's left & think about how you'll be using it.

Since we already know this'll be a guest bedroom, think about what'll be when you don't have guests.

What Are You Missing?

If you've done the first two steps correctly, you should have (at the very least) a mental shopping list going on.

To that end, what's your budget?

Do you need to buy new bedding, paint the walls, put window treatments -- what do you need, where can you find it, and how much will it cost you?

Take Pictures & Measurements.

Not only will this help you when you're done (everyone loves a good before and after) but it'll also help you when you're shopping because let's be honest -- no one ever remembers what their room looks like when they're standing in the middle of the furniture store.

Pace Yourself.

I promise you unless you're on a strict timetable (i.e. getting ready for the holidays) this doesn't have to all happen at once. Given that the holidays ARE here, you may, however, feel pressure to rush through everything. Your guests will appreciate any gesture you make -- a bed, blanket, and pillow go a long way after a long trip.

Take your time and enjoy the process.

Now We Shop!

Albie Knows Guest Bedroom Essentials Product List


Whether you've invested in the finest mattress on the market or you've simply inflated an air doesn't matter. Don't skimp out on the necessary bedding. From the sheets on the bed to the duvet covers & throws, these are the items that you'll invest in to make every night they spend in your home guarantees 'em a great night's sleep. 

AmazonBasics Down Alternative ComforterAmazonBasics Microfiber Sheet Set  | Cotton Duvet Cover Set | Velvet Grid Stitch Bedding Collection | Faux Fur Throw | Waffled Bedspread

Other Textiles

While shopping for bedding, a few other textiles you toss in your cart should be drapery (preferably blackout for when they're sleeping in), a bedside runner for a cozy underfoot (yes, even if you have carpet), and towels. 

Many times we isolate the guest bedroom experience from the guest bathroom experience; but even if you don't have a dedicated bathroom for your guests, having fresh towels folded, ready, and waiting for them really adds a nice, thoughtful touch. 

Cotton Textured Weave Curtain + Blackout Lining - IvoryTextured Bath TowelsJacquard-weave Hand TowelJacquard-weave Bath TowelSafavieh Sheepskin Runner


Who's to say they don't want to sit up late & read a book or sip some tea. Having additional seating by way of a bench or accent chair, makes the room start to feel more like home. 

Sheer Fabric ArmchairFelipe Leather Sling ChairTufted Ottoman Bench, Distressed Saddle Brown


Yes, there's probably overhead lighting in the room, but like with the additional seating, you want to give your guests more turn, giving 'em more comfort. Table lamps are great for quick bedside lighting, and bonus points for a lamp with a USB port because who doesn't charge their phones right next to their pillow nowadays. 

Bronze Metal Table Lamp with USB PortVigor Table Lamp

Wardrobe Accessories

When you go to a hotel, naturally you get a closet & a dresser and/or a nightstand, all for the purpose of giving your clothes a place to be stored comfortably. But you also get hangers, a luggage rack, and a mirror, among other things.

You can give your guests that same experience by investing in things you're probably in need of yourself -- you can never have too many hangers while a leather stool can now double as a stylish luggage rack. Even put some thought into where they'll be putting their dirty clothes because I don't know about you, but it's much nicer to have a hamper then a mound of clothes in a corner. 

AmazonBasics Wood Suit Hangers | AmazonBasics Velvet Shirt/Dress Hangers | Rise and Fall Coat Rack | Leather Director's Stool | Jute Laundry Basket | Umbra Hub Full-Length Floor Mirror | Round Decorative Wall Mirror BrassOver-the-Door Mirror in Metal BrassWhite Handheld Clothes Steamer | Upright Professional Clothes Steamer 

Other Accessories

There are other miscellaneous accessories that although not necessarily, can go a long way for a well-rounded stay. Thing little things add to the experience in a very pragmatic way that says, "I had a feeling you'd need that!"

Small Faux Stone Tray | Umbra Prisma Jewelry Tray | Charlie Gold Alarm Clock | Clear Acrylic Tissue Dispenser Cover | Beach House Hand-Woven Trash Can


This little bitty is certainly a little bit for you as much as it is for them because you'll get pleasure out of accessorizing the room just as much as get from the items themselves. This means artwork & bedside decor, to make the room feel a bit more collected & lived in. 

Whitewashed Wood Wall Art | Thanksgiving Paper | I Like You, I Love You | Oh Joy!: 60 Ways to Create & Give Joy | Boxed 4-pack Scented Candles


Now for the holidays, you aren't hosting random strangers (I hope). These are your loved ones...your close friends...your family members. So yes, we've covered the basics of hospitality & comfort, but let's  go for GOLD! Plus, this'll totally giving you hostess bragging rights straight into the new year. 

Padded Sleep Mask | Faux Fur Slippers | Cashmere-blend Bathrobe | Tropical Milky Coconut Bath and Body Spa Gift Set | Top 5 Essential Oil Set By Sky Organics | "Keep Calm and Trust God" Cards - A Box of Blessings | Watercolor Collection "Be Still" Hardcover Wirebound Journal - Psalm 46:10