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Homeowner Upgrades, Renter Friendly Design: Basement Finish

I can’t believe how many of you were surprised at how much of a home renovation could be recreated for renters! The last installment, in case you missed it, my first renter-friendly version of a home renovation featured a bathroom design by my friend Morgan Molitor of construction2style and her amazing team.

So now we’re back with another fabulous reno from Morgan & Jamie, this time featuring a basement project in Delano, MN, where they were able to transform an unfinished basement into a cozy space for the entire family to enjoy — from entertaining to working out.

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Homeowner Upgrades, Renter Friendly Design: Bathroom Design

While you rent, you may not be able to make structural changes like knocking down walls and moving plumbing; but cosmetically there’s a lot you can do to achieve the look of homeowner upgrades that are still renter-friendly. One of my new fav internet friends, Morgan Molitor of construction2style, and her husband Jaime own and operate a home renovation and interior design business in Minneapolis. They let me pluck one of their designs to show you how you can achieve a similar look, even as a renter.

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What To Do With That Spare Room

One of the best design problems I have the pleasure of solving for clients isn’t helping them style accessories or choose paint colors or organize odd space…it’s been helping them decide what to do with their “extra” room. Talk about a good problem to have. There are so many options that we don’t think of because it’s not what’s expected but really, when you have a spare room in your home, there are a myriad of ways that you can ensure that room serves you. Here are 10 different rooms you can put that spare room to use in ways you’ll actually use.

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Cost Breakdown: Renter Friendly Bathroom Upgrades & Refresh

Last year, during the holidays I began working on refreshing our rental condo’s bathroom, to take it from dated & dull to feeling tranquil, spa-like, and Hygge inspired. While everything is always a work in progress, it was definitely one of the first places in the condo that felt “complete” and really like ours. Before I even knew the One Room Challenge was a thing, this was definitely a One Room Challenge. The transformation, with a few stylish storage solutions, cost-effective DIYs, and creative design was exactly what our little bathroom needed; and more than that, it was renter-friendly & affordable. 

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Self Care Tips: Creating an At Home Spa Experience

I remember always hearing about self-care & it being almost synonymous with over the top acts of relaxation, like spa reservations & exotic getaways, but as I’ve gotten older (and wiser) I’ve realized & accepted that that type of self-care isn’t everyone’s reality…and to be honest, it really isn’t self-care — you’re essentially telling yourself you only matter on certain days or occasions. In my commitment to treat my husband & I to a lot more self-care, I realized we could make small changes in our home to create those experiences for ourselves.

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Achieving Simple Feng Shui For Happy Living

The words "Feng" and "Shui" have very simple meanings -- "wind" and "water" -- that represent the presence of balance & harmony. The overarching principle behind the art of Feng Shui is about creating harmony in your everyday life through the flow of energy. This is why so often, although sometimes misused, we'll hear people talk about Feng Shui when referring to their furniture layout -- how is the energy moving throughout this space? That flow of energy is your "chi" and at the center of really establishing good Feng Shui and ultimately setting the tone for your space. 

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Shop With Me: How To Hygge In Spring?

We’re so conditioned to think Hygge is synonymous with winter, but that’s not the case.

While there's an obvious correlation between the two, many elements of Hygge living can be carried into spring!

I want to make sure my Hygge living transcends seasons & in addition to actual lifestyle hacks, purposeful decor is part of that transition.

In this haul, featuring items from Amazon, Joss & Main, and Target, I was very intentional about choosing items that illustrating Hygge decor -- textural and natural elements for a cozy, blissful home. 

Check out some of my fav Hygge decor finds for the Spring season! 

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Easy IKEA Hack & Upcycle: Nesna Nightstand Transformation

About a year ago, we bought this nightstand/side table from IKEA -- the Nesna -- with the sole intention of using it as our outdoor side table.

Unfortunately, within the past year, I can count on one hand how many times we cleaned the table *hangs head in shame* or really tended to it at all. It stayed pretty neglected and it was definitely starting to show.

With some grey wood stain and frosted contact paper, I was able to transform this table into something that could still be useful in our home. 

Once I'm done tackling the bathroom, I cannot wait to turn my attention to the balcony, new table & all! 

Good (and effective) design isn't always about buying the latest & greatest, but instead assessing your needs & taking inventory of what you already have. 

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Rental Bathroom Refresh Update: Grey Paint & Gold Decor

I'm back in the bathroom! 

In my last refresh update, I shared how I used stylish storage solutions, budget-friendly DIY, and creative design to transform my boring, beige bathroom into something more spa-like, tranquil, and Hygge inspired. 

I felt great to see that transformation start to take shape but here's the thing: 


I was totally in love with the updates, especially considering how pragmatic & affordable they were, but I knew there was something I needed to tackle or I'd never be satisfied -- THE WALLS! 

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Easy Rental Bathroom Refresh: Budget Friendly & Reversible Upgrades

During the holidays I began working on refreshing our condo rental bathroom, to take it from dated & dull to feeling tranquil, spa-like, and Hygge inspired. While still a work in progress, check out my progress so far with stylish storage solutions, budget-friendly DIYs, and creative design.

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Guest Bedroom Essentials For The Holidays

The holidays certainly aren't the only time of year that any of us may have overnight guests, but during the holiday season -- the season of merriment & counting one's blessings -- we all want to go the extra mile for our guests. 

I've put together a list of essentials that every guest bedroom/suite should have, but this isn't any ol' essentials list -- no ma'am (or sir). Each of these items was hand-picked by yours truly to make the holiday guest experience comforting, special, and memorable. But before we start shopping, let's talk about some practical steps to pulling your guests' home away from home together. 

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Mood Board Monday: Quirky Coastal Half Bath

This half bath was a renovation of a closet -- yes, closet! This really excited me because this closet was flanked by her daughters' bedrooms, and so the new bathroom would be for them to use.

Talk about making use of the space you have to create the space you need! 

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