Creative Therapy Office "Breath of Color" Transformation


I love 1st time ever designs, and this was my 1st time ever design a creative therapy office.

So. Cool.

This was a complete redesign, helping them introduce a "breath of color" into the space, while still keeping is calming & coastal inspired. 

Creative therapy is the use of techniques that are expressive and creative in nature to help clients find a form of expression beyond words or traditional therapy.

Having a Mid Mod Chic style profile, this office space was in need of more stylish functionality. Priorities for this project were to:

  • provide storage solutions

  • introduce soothing & cozy furnishings

  • have designated areas for the therapist & for clients

  • have a coastal inspired, yet creative aesthetic

With the intake form & notes from our planning session, I put together the action plan & mood board. 

The palette featured a seaside inspired cool tones, with a balance of neutrals for a nurturing, cozy feel.

A wall of storage along the largest walls of the space would provide ample storage while also framing the space with character. Sophisticated seating would be used not only at the therapist desk but also for the client seating. And the dual work areas would feature wood desks, atop a statement rug. 

After talking through the initial space floor, we assessed what was working & what wasn't, and I presented a revised [and approved] space plan. 

Because this space was intended to not only inspire creativity but also healing, limiting the "breath of color" to a statement rug was the perfect way to really introduce colors without overwhelming the space or taking away from the soothing backdrop. 

We explored a few options that were both colorful & calming, something that many people think is impossible. #mythbuster!

The next marque piece on the table was literally the tables -- we were going to have essentially 2 work areas, one for primary work & one for ad-hoc processes. Having an L-shaped desk (full disclosure, I'm not the biggest fan of them but I do believe they are great for some spaces & needs) in this space would allow for more surface area & dual tasking -- client creative work & admin therapy work. We would be repurposing what was a custom door surround bookcase and using that to really define the secondary work area, with the desk at the center of the surround. 

The goal was to have desks that had storage but also a clean, industrial look. 

I went with a collection that was absolutely perfect for the design & usages -- the 2 piece desk nested perfectly to create a desk + return configuration that could be modified when needed, and the solo tall desk was great for better filling the space of the surround than a standard height desk would. The collection included a mobile file that could easily nestle under the desks, but also be moved around. 



Next we tackled the walls!

While there was no intention on painting the space -- the existing paint was fairly new & served the space well -- I wanted to create an accent wall (or 2) that would sort of wrap the room in coziness.

WallPops! makes some of my absolute favorite "diy" renter friendly home upgrade decor, including their peel & stick wallpaper!

Having sourced from them before, including for my own home, it was only natural I use their wallpaper for this project. It not only kept us on budget, but it was the perfect low maintenance, low commitment option -- next year, we could easily go from a brick facade to a shiplap accent wall

The rest of the shopping phase included creating the seating area for clients, the additional storage wall, and accessorizing where necessary. 

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