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How To Unplug, Take A Break, and Live Slow

I basically live my life online — working, shopping, and even school — and one day it hit me that I was getting completely disconnected from the “real world”.  As an introvert I will never complain about not having enough people interaction — I prefer it that way actually — but what I found was happening was that I was losing touch with myself and I was also losing my ability to connect with people — to communicate. It was almost as though I was losing a sense of reality that, if unchecked, would only get worse. So how do you unplug, take a real break, and slow down for more intentional & present living? Here are some tips that have been helping me unplug for more slow living.

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2018 A to Z Productivity Must Haves & Hacks

Many lessons, applications, and failures later, I think I've got this! Balancing the different areas of my life has been a juggling act of pragmatic choices & creative solutions, at the heart of which is LOTS of online & offline tools.

So, if you're any kind of entrepreneur, and you struggle with figuring out what you need...or if you've just wondered, "How the heck does she do it?!" here's a peek behind the scenes that is my life as an entrepreneur, student, wife, and mom...

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New Year's Resolutions For Your Home

With a new year always comes new year's resolutions -- all those personal things we want to accomplish over the next 365 days. But did you know that your home affects how you show up in the world? Think about it -- this is the place you eat, sleep, live...naturally how it looks & feels will carry over into how you look & feel. 

This is why I've decided to come up with 7 easy resolutions (translation: resolutions that you can actually keep) for your home, to not only help you love your space but also design your life for 2018. 

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Beverage Bar Basics: Holiday Edition

Tis' the season for cozy nights & warm beverages -- tis' the Hygge way! And nothing is more Hygge for the holiday season than a warm beverage -- whether you're a hot cocoa drinker, coffee lover, or tea enthusiast. 

As I finally pulled together my very first holiday-inspired "coffee corner" I decided to share with you some of my tried & true tips for creating your very own at home cafe. 

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How To Hygge For The Holidays?

What Hygge represents runs parallel with what the winter holiday season represents -- warmth, happiness, coziness, and gratitude. So, how do you Hygge for the holidays?

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Putting Together Our Dining Room: Part 1

Even before we officially decided to move, I would fantasize about designing wherever we would end up -- floor planning, coordinating color schemes, wish listing -- doing all the things I would do for a client.

Fast forward, to when we started doing apartment tours and then to when ultimately chose a place, I was super excited about having a space to really flex my design muscle (not for lack of trying in our NYC studio).  

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Social Media Free: 6 Months Later & 6 Months To Go

Maybe you're completely brand new to who I am so you have no idea what this is all about. 

On April 1st of this year, I decided to start a one year challenge & go social media free. I got tired of mindlessly scrolling through feeds, judging, comparing, and just wasting time, and craved a way to feel more present in my biz, family, and overall life. 

I needed to quiet all the noise. 

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Celebrate National Coffee Day With These Steamy Finds

Today is all about celebrating all the wonderfulness that is coffee -- from the taste to the aroma -- and I will be the first to raise my hand & join in the jubilee. I don't pretend to be a coffee connoisseur, especially since my preferred java of choice is Bustelo, through & through; BUT now that I live in Seattle [adjacent], I know that there is something to be said for just an amazing brew. Here are some of my fav swoon worthy coffee finds to help you elevate your next coffee experience.

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5 Steps To... Love Your Space

Most people have no problem celebrating love and milestones in their relationships... Valentine's Day and anniversaries get recognized, yet most of us don't give a first, second, or third thought to loving up our homes. Now, yes, we may decorate, but what are we really doing to show the place we live, rest, and spend our lives that same love we show to the people in our lives. Here are my 5 ways you can love your space every day. 

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