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Casual Glam Beauty Room & Home Office

This makeup artist was inspired by some of YouTube's biggest gurus, Tati Westbrook & Desi Perkins, to convert her "bonus room" into a beauty room & home office.

After watching my first beauty room e-design, she reached out & I was so excited to collaborate with her to create her beauty dreamscape.

This design was everything I love about online design -- collaborating with someone fun & creative, designing remotely with someone I'd otherwise NEVER meet, and most importantly, LITERALLY transforming a room & a life. 

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How I Created My First Home Office Back in New York City

Aside from needing a place for work, working from home with a newborn baby, I needed some semblance of order and normalcy, and a work space was critical in creating that. I see this come up A LOT where entrepreneurs, especially, get it in their head that they need huge amount of space or a dedicated room for their office. Add a child to that equation, and the thinking is that any additional space should be for the tots, as though wanting that spapce for yourself makes you selfish. Lies &  fibulations!

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