Mood Board Monday: Quirky Coastal Half Bath

This half bath was a renovation of a closet -- yes, closet! This really excited me because this closet was flanked by her daughters' bedrooms, and so the new bathroom would be for them to use.

Talk about making use of the space you have to create the space you need! 

She wanted it to feel fun & uncluttered, including any kind of storage possible in the small space., especially considering there'd be no windows. 

Quirky Coastal Half Bath Concept Board by Albie Knows

According to her brief, she wanted a sort of bohemian, playful vibe, yet still calming & coastal. Her inspiration photos illustrated to me me she wasn't afraid of prints & texture, but didn't necessarily want a super bold palette ; so with this in mind, I decided to focus on using subtle visual pops & natural elements to create a cozy, inviting space with touches of character. 

The most difficult part of this project was all the limitations that came with designing &  sourcing for such a small footprint -- the space was 15 square feet, we couldn't change door location or dimensions, and the sink had to be 11" deep or less. 

I got creative when playing around with the design and pulled together a few ideas before showing her the final design concept: 

Quirky Coastal Half Bath Design Concept
Quirky Coastal Half Bath Elevations by Albie Knows

I loved the design!

And more importntly, SHE loved the design.

But here's the downside tht sometimes comes with being an online interior designer... I am at the mercy of the client when it comes to the actual installation & completion of the design. Once I had it over to them, despite staying on to answer questions & help with styling, I can't control what may arise on the client's end. BUT I can be there for them if they need me to make tweaks when theyre ready... and that's exactly what I did:

If you know me even just a little bit, at one point or another you've heard me say, "everything happens for a reason." I believe that phrase with every fiber of my being...

Everything happens for a reason.

There's a reason I was blessed & fortunate enough to revisit this design & revamp it. Not that anthing was wrong with the original design -- it was awesome! -- but something about this "update" definitelyfelt more inspiring than the last, and I have to believe that was for a reason. 

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XO Albie Knows