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Shop The Design: Brooklyn, NY Studio Makeover

Where some people tend to get overwhelming and tap out, is where I just get started. I love the research that goes into finding the right pieces to fit the parameters of any projects — size, cost, timeframe, etc. Because I enjoy digging around the interwebs for product so much, I forget how many of you actually hate the whole things — like loathe it. Needless to say, so many of you messaged me asking about where to find so many of the items from my latest One Room Challenge reveal. Over on my Instagram, I also had you guys guess what you thought the room totaled, and while majority voted correctly, a large amount of you were also about $1000 to $1500 short. That’s when I knew I had to dedicate a separate post to just the shopping list.

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One Room Challenge Week 5: When E-Design Meets Full-Service Interior Design & Organization

Holy Moly Canoli…One week to go!!! And OMG!!! What a couple of days it was! It was a perfect reminder that some progress is better than no progress — the magic is in the editing, not in the perfection. The beauty of e-design is that it doesn’t have to stop here — I can consult with her on the next phase of what she’s ready to tackle, whenever she’s ready, with a quick video conference. But with the bulk of the transformation completed by yours truly, the space already feels less overwhelming and daunting. She can now start to feel confident in her home and be at peace knowing that her stuff isn’t working against — it’s working for her. It’s Design Therapy! 

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One Room Challenge Week 4: Design. Store. Install.

In real time I’m heading to NYC to install the transformation but it took quite a few steps to get here, especially working remotely on the design up to this point. All the white glove service that I shared with you last week completely changed things, making this a seamless process. And now she can come home to a studio apartment that’s super cute, organized, and functional because it’s no longer inundated with stuff. how freeing is that?!

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One Room Challenge Week 3: White Glove Delivery & Storage

It feels like this round of the One Room Challenge is flying by because it doesn’t feel like 3 weeks but it also feels weirdly slow because it’s not my home. Like with any design project, I’m on the client’s timeline more than I am on my own, but for this we did have a schedule we needed to stick to. This week’s agenda — get delivery ready! At the start of the One Room Challenge, we scheduled our white glove delivery with Apt2B and with that date in mind, she knew that things would need to be purged & disposed of before then to make the delivery process even easier. With delivery scheduled, this meant she knew exactly how much time she had to get rid of things! Time for the purge! I partnered with Simplify Storage in NYC to give her the peace of mind of keeping the things that needed keeping without having to see them al the time. No more shoving things under the bed or into corners. Especially with winter finally gone, she could pack away all those coats & boats, and not think about or see em for months! 

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E-Design Shopping: Home Depot Finds

As a renter and as someone with a very renter-centric audience, I’ve noticed that some retailers end up becoming synonymous with home ownership and/or home improvement…retailers like The Home Depot. So I was pleasantly surprised when preparing for a new project I found that I was able to specify the ENTIRE redesign on The Home Depot site! If you’re like me, and you’ve never considered The Home Depot for your design project — whether it’s a a full do over or some quick styling updates — I’m gonna share with you some of my recent favs from the Home Depot site that are stylish, chic, and perfect for any space.  

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Self Care Tips: Creating an At Home Spa Experience

I remember always hearing about self-care & it being almost synonymous with over the top acts of relaxation, like spa reservations & exotic getaways, but as I’ve gotten older (and wiser) I’ve realized & accepted that that type of self-care isn’t everyone’s reality…and to be honest, it really isn’t self-care — you’re essentially telling yourself you only matter on certain days or occasions. In my commitment to treat my husband & I to a lot more self-care, I realized we could make small changes in our home to create those experiences for ourselves.

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Pros & Cons of Moving

So in my lifetime, I've moved 7 times. With every move, I found myself constantly trying to define my life via my space. I'm someone who lives in my head, and with that, someone who's always planning and envisioning and daydreaming. I'd get lost in thought planning changes I'd want to make; because no matter what was happening around me, I needed to be able to control my home. With each move, this has never changed. But also with each move, I've learned just a little bit more about myself, the people in my life, and honestly, the world around me.

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Achieving Simple Feng Shui For Happy Living

The words "Feng" and "Shui" have very simple meanings -- "wind" and "water" -- that represent the presence of balance & harmony. The overarching principle behind the art of Feng Shui is about creating harmony in your everyday life through the flow of energy. This is why so often, although sometimes misused, we'll hear people talk about Feng Shui when referring to their furniture layout -- how is the energy moving throughout this space? That flow of energy is your "chi" and at the center of really establishing good Feng Shui and ultimately setting the tone for your space. 

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3 Reasons I Loved Our New York City Studio Apartment

When I moved into my Hell’s Kitchen studio nearly 7 years ago, I had no hesitations — large kitchen, washer/dryer, and an amazing view all equaled a no brainer. The square footage didn’t matter to me because it was just me.  Then I met my now husband. THEN we had a baby. Suddenly my perfect bachelorette studio started to resemble one of my many shoe boxes. In hindsight, it was great, and I'm glad we didn't immediately move!

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Spring Into Summer Home Decor Shopping Haul

As I got ready to makeover our balcony for the One Room Challenge I did quite a bit of shopping from some of my fav retailers. So let's go over everything I bought so you can hopefully get inspired to create some indoor/outdoor Hygge in your home for the warmer months!

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Outdoor Hygge Balcony Makeover: One Room Challenge (Week 1)

I am both excited & anxious because never have an ever participated in the One Room Challenge! To be honest, every time it came across my radar I would think to myself, "One day I'd love to do that!" REALLY thinking, "One day when I own a house I'd love to do that."

While you can't knock down walls or swap out fixtures, there is a lot you can do to makeover your rental, transforming it into something that is uniquely you!

So when this One Room Challenge came around I said that there is absolutely no reason I can't participate!

I was already prepping to do different refreshes throughout our condo, with the balcony being my main focus for the spring, so that we could truly take advantage of having this outdoor area. 

While I don't know that I'll be able to do everything I'd like, I think I've set some pretty attainable goals & I am excited for the next 6 weeks! 

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Beverage Bar Basics: Holiday Edition

Tis' the season for cozy nights & warm beverages -- tis' the Hygge way! And nothing is more Hygge for the holiday season than a warm beverage -- whether you're a hot cocoa drinker, coffee lover, or tea enthusiast. 

As I finally pulled together my very first holiday-inspired "coffee corner" I decided to share with you some of my tried & true tips for creating your very own at home cafe. 

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