H&M Food & Friends Kitchenware Collection

So last month, one of the things that made me happy & made my favorites list was H&M's new fall kitchenware collection, Food & Friends. Even the dangone name sounds awesome, so in hidnsight, I shouldn't have expected anything less than epic happiness delivered to my door when I ordered some of the collection items. 

H&M Haul with Albie Knows

When I first saw the launch email, the first thing that excited me about the collection was the palette -- woon tones, rich navy blues, and lots of gold ✨ it was like someone from H&M snuck into my home & decided to create a collection curated around my actual palette...

Albie Knows Dining Room

My Dining Room

Jan 2017

Wood Tones. CHECK.

Rich Blues. CHECK.

Lots of Gold. CHECK.


I never need much of an excuse to go shopping but since much of my dining room is still a work in progress, I thought this was the perfect time to pick up a few things. 

I didn't get the whole collection because (1) I didn't actually NEED everything -- you know my feelings on hauling & returning -- and (2) I wanted to really get a sense of the collection first, and since there aren't any H&M Home stores on the west coast *insert eye roll here* I started with a few marquee pieces that I could build on later if I wanted to.


What I Bought?

Porcelain Plate • Small Stoneware Cutting Board • Tall Porcelain Container • Cylindrical Porcelain Pot • Patterned Cotton Rug • Faux Fur Cushion Cover • Color-block Cushion Cover • Small Metal Bowl • 4-pack Metal Napkin Rings • Wooden Plate • Jacquard-weave Cotton Napkin • Metal Cake Server • Paper Napkins • Metal Napkin Holder

I was already in the mood to do some textile swaps, with fall being here and all, and two new throw covers & a runner (not part of the collection but part of H&M's fall release) aligned perfectly with all the other blue/good goodness that launched. 

Everything came in TWO massive boxes -- I didn't even know H&M shipped in boxes that big -- and it was like Christmas morning. To be honest, even though I've shopped H&M for years, I was amazed at the quality of everything I got. From the weight of the items to the detail in the designs, it certainly did not match up with what I paid, and I am not complaining. 

If there was ever a time the saying "you get what you pay for" wouldn't apply, it be now!

I've been living with these items for about a just shy of a month and I couldn't find a single bad thing to say, if I tried. I'm still decorating (DUH!) but this was definitely the perfect excuse to finally get some gold flatware I'd been coveting. 

My first stop was Target, since I was picking up a new brass & walnut storage bookcase from their Project 62 collection, that I am still swooning over... but they were sould out. Next hit up 2 of my tried & true favorites -- Amazon & Wayfair. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, so I knew not getting the set from Target was just gonna lead me to one even more perfect and it did. 


I went with a service for 4 gold flatware set from Wayfair & when I received it 2 days after my H&M delivery, I actually squealed. The finish was so shiny that it was gaudy, but it also wasn't so matte that it had no luster. It was just right! The weight definitey had some oomph to it, that made it feel like it cost way more than I paid for it, but to be fair, I got it on sale. 


I'm not someone who is ever too big on the holidays or dinner parties, much less holiday dinner parties, but this mini shopping haul really has me wanting to host friends over. At the very least, I can't wait to finally get around to finishing my fall tablescaping, even if it's just for the 3 of us, and praying my husband & daughter don't destroy it. What can I say -- they don't appreciate a table setting like I do.

XO Albie Knows