One Room Challenge Week 4: Design. Store. Install.

This post is in partnership with Simplify Storage because I love em & know you will too!
— xo... Albie

Holy guac! More than halfway there! 

So let’s get straight to it because there’s a lot that happened in the past 7 days!

In real time I’m heading to NYC to install the transformation but it took quite a few steps to get here, especially working remotely on the design up to this point. All the white glove service that I shared with you last week completely changed things, making this a seamless process. The morning of the delivery for the new bed and sofa, Apt2B’s delivery team called to confirm the window and they were prompt! Everything was loaded into the ground level studio, unwrapped, assembled, and placed where requested. Literally the easiest process ever! 

Talk about peace of mind — knowing that you’re getting what you want without the hassle of assembly!

With the exception of a tall chest of drawers, now that the marquee pieces of furniture are delivered, I can shift my attention to storage and organization. To account for the lack of storage there’s only but so much I can do, without changing the actual footprint of the studio apartment.

Enter Simplify Storage

Whether you have a lot of stuff or just a little, not having storage means everything is always in your way! 

Last week I walked you through how the valet storage solutions work — you schedule a date and time for the bins to be dropped off and once packed & ready, they’re picked up when scheduled. Knowing when I’d be arriving in NYC, I chose a drop off & pick up time that would align with the install, making it easier to put into storage what she doesn’t need during this season — coats, boots, heavy throws, etc. This frees up so much space! 

Often it’s not that we have too much stuff, as much as we literally have no where to put everything. 

This is when people start “play organizing” as I like to call it — shoving things in dressers, bins, baskets, etc. under the guise of organization. Fact is — sometimes you just need it gone! Donate. Sell. Trash. Whatever works! And for the things that we need to keep but don’t need all the time — seasonal clothing, holiday decorations, etc. — valet storage solutions like Simplify Storage are perfect. What I love most is that if in my zeal to store things away, I later realize, “oh snap, I needed that thing!”, with their online system and 3-hour turnaround, I can request that specific bin be brought out of storage, straight to me! 

I mean, that’s kinda dope! 

This is perfect for areas like NYC, where no matter which borough you live in, you just never have enough space to store #allthethings. At a fraction of the price of traditional storage, it’s definitely worth it to check out Simplify Storage. If you know that you could use just a tad bit more space to actually live and enjoy your home, with code ALBIEKNOWS you can get the first month for free. And if you’re needing more than just bin storage — like an actual unit — you can get $30 off the first month. That’s $100 to store things like your bike, mattress, loveseat, or television. 

You’re welcome. 


Once the bins were fully packed, I didn’t have to think about them anymore. I simply took a photo of what was in which bin — they’re each coded — and then easy breezy! More immediate & important items can stay right in her loft storage area,  but still out of sight so that beginning and ending each day can be done without the overwhelm of things everywhere.

Simplify Storage picked up the bins right in time for me to go from placing large pieces to styling small details. 

And now she can come home to a studio apartment that’s super cute, organized, and functional because it’s no longer inundated with stuff. how freeing is that?!

Albie Knows Simplify Storage

Next task at hand is making the remaining items more accessible with stylish storage solutions:

  • jewelry & makeup storage

  • wardrobe organization 

  • dual purpose furniture 

When it comes to storage solutions, I’m pretty predictable — if it works, why reinvent the wheel? With a small space I immediately thought about optimizing the vertical space — did I mention that the walls are 9 feet high? Because they are. I also didn’t want to add anymore visual clutter to the space, making clear storage solutions optimal. Lastly, having furniture in the space that would also serve our storage needs would eliminate the need to buy things in excess, still leaving a sense of openness in the studio. Incorporated in the design is also the beautiful molding around the mirror and windows, including a ledge, so this area would serve as the vanity space. Freeing it up would make it more functional for doing hair & makeup or a daily basis. 

The plan is to install floating shelves flanking the windows, above the radiators, allowing that to become a curated & intentional spot for her hair, makeup, and beauty products. For the jewelry, an over the door jewelry armoire on the bathroom door, will perfectly serve for storage & organization, without taking up any floor space and introducing a full length mirror on the opposite side of the studio. Lastly, atop the chest, if we’re able to mount the television, we can use clear storage solutions for additional accessories. 

My fingers are definitely crossed because at the time of typing this, I have no clue of the types of walls she has and/or if we can mount things on the wall — should be fine, considering the age and style of the building, but you just never know. 

In lue of a traditional nightstand, a round storage table will make that already tight corner less so with the softened curves, without sacrificing surface area or storage. What I especially love about this table is that the basket can be removed and it transforms to a simple 2-tier accent table. So cute! A basket alongside the sofa paired with a small tray on her existing 2-tier cocktail table will make wrangling throws, magazines, and remotes in the living room area so much easier! 

By “floating” the sofa in the space, the back walls become prime real estate! 

Still leaving room to access the ladder that leads to the loft, there’s a little nook in the wall that’s perfect for nestling her existing desk. Still thinking up, floating shelves above the desk give more storage for books and supplies, while flanking this area will be her stacked shoe collection — orderly & uniform — making easier for the eye to take in while still being able to serve her needs. 

Now to tackle the closet. 

With so many items having been purged and/or stored with Simplify Storage, now the closet can breathe. By trading in a hodgepodge or hangers for the same slim, velvet style, we’re saving space, preventing items from falling, and creating uniformity which immediately changes the look & feel of any wardrobe. With a new dresser in tow, folded items can now be replaced with boots/booties creating one designated area for them versus a little bit of everything everywhere. 

Plus how super chic is that — shoe display a top grey & copper hangers?! Answer: trés chic! 


Even before switching out the hangers, arranging her wardrobe by color was an instant transformation. Such a simple yet significant difference this made in the appearance of the closet, not to mention eliminating the need for the chunky screen door. Her sole reason for having the screen was to hide cover the closet and its contents, but now that it's more orderly, it's a moment to celebrate her wardrobe and lifestyle, versus a shameful secret.

So *whew* a lot going on this week! 

Once I start unboxing things I’ll share em over on my Instagram but more importantly, I’ll be sharing the valet storage drop-off and pick-up so you can see the huge difference it makes to be able to free up your space to make room for actual living. 

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