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Shop The Design: Brooklyn, NY Studio Makeover

Where some people tend to get overwhelming and tap out, is where I just get started. I love the research that goes into finding the right pieces to fit the parameters of any projects — size, cost, timeframe, etc. Because I enjoy digging around the interwebs for product so much, I forget how many of you actually hate the whole things — like loathe it. Needless to say, so many of you messaged me asking about where to find so many of the items from my latest One Room Challenge reveal. Over on my Instagram, I also had you guys guess what you thought the room totaled, and while majority voted correctly, a large amount of you were also about $1000 to $1500 short. That’s when I knew I had to dedicate a separate post to just the shopping list.

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One Room Challenge Week 6: Brooklyn Studio Apartment Before & After

A few months back, I started an e-design shopping consultation for a studio apartment makeover in Brooklyn, New York. I was charged with helping her transform her small, cluttered apartment into a functional and stylish space that matched her Brooklyn swag. As the months turned to weeks, it hit me that the One Room Challenge was around the corner and she was gracious enough to let me submit her apartment as part of the bi-annual event.

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One Room Challenge Week 4: Design. Store. Install.

In real time I’m heading to NYC to install the transformation but it took quite a few steps to get here, especially working remotely on the design up to this point. All the white glove service that I shared with you last week completely changed things, making this a seamless process. And now she can come home to a studio apartment that’s super cute, organized, and functional because it’s no longer inundated with stuff. how freeing is that?!

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One Room Challenge Week 3: White Glove Delivery & Storage

It feels like this round of the One Room Challenge is flying by because it doesn’t feel like 3 weeks but it also feels weirdly slow because it’s not my home. Like with any design project, I’m on the client’s timeline more than I am on my own, but for this we did have a schedule we needed to stick to. This week’s agenda — get delivery ready! At the start of the One Room Challenge, we scheduled our white glove delivery with Apt2B and with that date in mind, she knew that things would need to be purged & disposed of before then to make the delivery process even easier. With delivery scheduled, this meant she knew exactly how much time she had to get rid of things! Time for the purge! I partnered with Simplify Storage in NYC to give her the peace of mind of keeping the things that needed keeping without having to see them al the time. No more shoving things under the bed or into corners. Especially with winter finally gone, she could pack away all those coats & boats, and not think about or see em for months! 

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Renter Friendly Kitchen Backsplash with The Smart Tiles

When we first moved into our condo, there were things we didn’t love — cosmetically — but nothing that was a game changer. While a few of the other rooms required a bit more processing, from the very beginning I looked at the kitchen with a hard squinty eye. And to be clear, it wasn’t that we didn’t like the backsplash, but there was literally wasn’t any. My thinking was this — add a backsplash to offset the look & feel of the cabinets, floors, and counters, for something a bit cooler & more contemporary. Our landlord was perfectly fine with it & so fast forward, and I am finally tackling the kitchen with a much needed facelift. 

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Self Care Tips: Creating an At Home Spa Experience

I remember always hearing about self-care & it being almost synonymous with over the top acts of relaxation, like spa reservations & exotic getaways, but as I’ve gotten older (and wiser) I’ve realized & accepted that that type of self-care isn’t everyone’s reality…and to be honest, it really isn’t self-care — you’re essentially telling yourself you only matter on certain days or occasions. In my commitment to treat my husband & I to a lot more self-care, I realized we could make small changes in our home to create those experiences for ourselves.

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Renter Friendly Lighting Solutions

I’ve made it no secret that I don’t let the fact that I rent keep me from making our place cozy & chic, and really feel like a home. What I love about both these solutions — sconces & picture lights — is that, alongside your chandeliers & lamps, you'll have the ability to play with different lighting moods in your space, while introducing brand new decor that can have a moment, while still complementing (and completing) the rest of the look. 

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One Room Challenge Week 4: Master Bedroom Refresh With George Nelson Bubble Sconces

As a renter, the common theory is that we deal with whatever the existing ceiling lighting is are and then maybe get some table and/or floor lamps, but that’s not what I wanted. 

I wanted sconces specifically to make the best use of the space — table & floor lamps take up space that I wasn’t willing to spare. After having a table lamp on our nightstand for nearly a year I knew I wanted that surface area back. 

Even as a renter, with a very focused search, I quickly found that I was not limited in my stylish lighting solutions.

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One Room Challenge Week 3: Master Bedroom Refresh With Peel & Stick Wood Panels

One of the first things that stood out to me when we moved in was the paint color because it wasn’t my personal cup of tea. Getting a chance to team up with Wallplanks to do an accent wall was like a DREAM!

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One Room Challenge Week 2: Master Bedroom Refresh Design Plan

Having already most of the marquee pieces — bed, rug, seating, window treatments, and nightstand, I wanted to be sure to work with them. I partnered with the amazing team over at From the Forest, the parent company of Wallplanks, chose my planks and knew this was exactly what the room needed to feel cozier, brighter, and more like us. 

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Lessons I Learned Buying A Mattress Online (And Mistakes To Avoid)

This post is in partnership with Nest Bedding, but all the opinions & experiences are my own. For many, a bedroom refresh usually means some new furnishings and decor, maybe a fresh coat of paint, or finally hanging some window treatments. For us, after moving our daughter into her own room, our bedroom refresh started underneath the sheets -- with the mattress!

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How To Treat Your Body Better & Stay Physically Productive

This time of year is when everyone is hitting reset for the new year ahead -- making resolutions, setting goals, choosing words to serve as their "North Star", etc  -- all in order to really set the tone for the next 12 months. This doesn't necessarily mean drastic changes of any kind, but there is something about a new year that really makes you go, "I need to get my ish together!" 

As someone who's made a life out of always being home, I decided to share with you some of my productivity hacks and ways that I stay focused & keep myself accountable day to day.

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