One Room Challenge Week 6: Master Bedroom Hygge Refresh Reveal & Tour

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It’s crazy to think that a simple bedroom refresh, redesign if you will, turned out to be this laborious undertaking, but man oh man, was it worth it.

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Back in SEPTEMBER how our bedroom refresh started with a new mattress (which we’re still obsessed with by the way!) from Nest Bedding. When the One Room Challenge came back around, I knew it was time we finally got our sleep life together!

Our entire marriage & time as parents, we’ve shared a bedroom with our daughter — when she was born, we lived in a studio apartment and then every apartment after that (including this one) her bed was in our room.

Over the summer, we decided to turn my home office, our second bedroom, into her bedroom. This gave her her own space and finally gave us our own!

So what do two adults do in a bedroom that’s finally their own?

Who knows, but I wanted to find out. And now that we would be sleeping comfortably, the bedroom needed to match the vibe — comfortable, cozy, relaxing, blissful, and all the Hygge feels!


Our bedroom wasn’t the worst — just want to make that clear. So I didn’t expect this to be some labor intensive project. We had the right stuff — the necessary stuff — to make the space work for us, it just needed to be designed with intention.

There were no plans to replace the furniture — everything in the bedroom was purchased about two years ago when we moved to Washington — but there were three major objectives:

  1. do something about the walls because neither of us was a fan of the color

  2. layer the lighting, for more ambiance & versatility

  3. optimize & maximize our storage solutions


Overall the plan was to use the space better, and in turn it would feel better…all while keeping in mind that we rent.


I am super blessed & honored to have been able to partner with brands & companies I love on this design, because they believed in the transformation as much as I did.

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I worked WITH THE AMAZING TEAM OVER AT FROM THE FOREST, THE PARENT COMPANY OF WALLPLANKS, to create a renter friendly wood accent wall, that instantly made the room FEEL COZIER, BRIGHTER, AND MORE LIKE US. 

For lighting, I wanted sconces to make the better use of the space and had always obsessed over the simple, timeless beauty of the Nelson Bubble Lamps.

With the help of Lumens I was able to include the iconic sconces in my design while still keeping it super renter-friendly!


If you follow my Instagram stories then you also know I was even able to make em tech friendly with a smart bulb and our Google Home mini — “google, turn off the lights!” has now become part of my nighttime routine!


Walls: check!

Lights: check!


Two of the largest parts of the project, while with their own hiccups, were done and on their own immediately transformed the look & feel of the while bedroom! So next up was tackling the storage — and what a doozy that was!

After a huge closet purge, followed by just getting rid of a bunch of crap that made their way into the bedroom from my old office, it was time to actually start styling and getting our Hygge ish together!

I started planning what I was going to buy to get the design complete, but I’m so glad I didn’t because I was able to switch things up by literally just shopping my own home — I brought in decor from other rooms (or some that weren’t being used at all) that were perfect for the redesign & can get new life in our bedroom. 

That isn’t to say I didn’t get anything new!

I was able to team up with Framebridge to try out their Instagram mini framing and finally frame a long over due photo — our wedding photo!

It was super easy — connected my Framebridge to my Instagram account, chose a photo from my feed, and a week later I had a beautifully framed photo, in a white wood finish that went perfectly with our new accent wall.



While I wasn’t able to get everything done, because life and all that, what ended up being left over isn’t anything that can’t be tackled in our free time: update the drapery hardware & spray paint the vanity console.

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