Wayfair Alternatives: 10 Major Retailers For All Things Home

This post might be a bit heavier than my usual content but I promise it’s not too heavy. 
— albie knows

When it comes to social causes and political matters, I do my best — by choice — to keep that off public radar. I prefer to keep those types of conversations at the dinner table or in my text messages, not on my timeline and certainly not on the blog. 

This is a safe space. 

Even when a lot of my favorite brands and retailers find themselves in media crosshairs, I try to be as objective as possible before jumping to conclusions. But earlier this week, a retailer I’d shopped for years — for myself and for clients — did something some really stopped me dead in my tracks and forced me to reevaluate my relationship with them. 

In short, it was revealed that Wayfair — one of the largest home e-tailers — fulfilled an order for about $200,000 worth of bedroom furniture for detention centers that are currently housing “hundreds of thousands of migrants seeking asylum in our country”. When Wayfair employees got wind of this, they petitioned Wayfair to end this business relationship. Wayfair responded to the petition by saying:

As a retailer, it is standard practice to fulfill orders for all customers and we believe it is our business to sell to any customer who is acting within the laws of the countries within which we operate,” the Wayfair’s leadership team said in the letter. “This does not indicate support for the opinions or actions of the groups or individuals who purchase from us.
— CNN Business

Now I am not going to get into a conversation about the treatment of the migrants, specifically children, because this is a safe space.

BUT what I found to be particularly egregious was the company’s response to their employees — “it is standard practice to fulfill orders for all customers and we believe it is our business to sell to any customer who is acting within the laws…” While the sale may “not indicate support” for what’s happening, their response made it clear to me that they placed profits over people. 

This wasn’t the bad behavior of one rogue employee. Nor was it consumers that plead with them to stop. Employees, within the company, found this to be problematic, and yet their concerns were met with business jargon. This, for me, was a big no no; and this brings me to why we’re here — my moral compass isn’t always the straightest but I do like to be a little discerning when it comes to who I support, especially with my coins.

I believe in people over profits, so why would I continue to spend with any company or brand that feels the complete opposite of that?

But where does that leave us when it comes to our shopping? 

Undeniably, their growth and popularity is due to their wide catalog of furnishings, finishes, and decor for the home. From top to bottom, you can completely design and style your home through their site and, for the most part, at relatively affordable prices. The gag is… they’re not the only player in this game! Because of the new (and exciting) digital age that we live in, there are so many e-tailer options available, in addition to some of our brick & mortar favs for all of our home shopping needs. 

Here are 10 of my picks as comparable alternatives to shopping their entire umbrella* of companies: 


Whether it’s their own home brands or the assortment of other brands they carry, there really isn’t much that you can’t find on Amazon for the home. And if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can take advantage of quick shipping options. 

Cost Plus World Market

Aside from their eclectic and worldly assortment for the home, you also get the benefit of being able to shop their brick & mortar locations. And while you’re there, you might as well shop their wines and chocolates. 


While many people often flock here for the clothing and such, they’re definitely a convenient destination for home essentials, like beddings and dinnerware, but also for larger furnishings and decor pieces. Three words for ya — ONE. DAY. SALE. 


I mean, who doesn’t love it here? While this is definitely more of an in-person fav, you can also shop their entire catalog right from their site. 

One Kings Lane

With a variety of brands and styles, in addition to two showrooms in New York, you can definitely get all the inspiration and shopping you need to elevate the look of your home. 


Another massive player in the e-tailer arena, you can find just about everything for everything home on the site. Their daily sales tote some deep discounts, which is perfect for when you’re looking to save a coin or two. 


Another winner — online and in-person — for all the things, but their home department is especially impressive. Their impressive home lines are really something to write about…oh wait, I am! 

The Home Depot

Definitely already known as a destination for home improvement, but it’s definitely an impressive one-stop-shop for furnishings and decor as well, especially as you browse the site. Imagine being able to complete an entire project with just a few clicks! You're welcome. 

TJ Maxx

If you’ve ever been in any of the brand’s brick & mortar locations then you know you can expect to find some gems while browsing the aisles. Shopping the site is even more exciting with the wide variety of products and brands available. 

Williams Sonoma & Williams Sonoma Home

Maybe you’re looking to upgrade pots and pans. Maybe you’re looking to finally furnish your patio. Do it all right here; and not only with their namesake retailers, but the entire umbrella of brands for all your home needs. 

Are these the only retail alternatives to Wayfair? No. Depending on your style and shopping needs, there are a number of retailers that you can shop to make your home feel like a home. So while I am disappointed in these recent events, I am certainly not at a loss for shopping options!

We have options!

* NOTE: Wayfair operates five branded retail websites: the main Wayfair site, Joss & Main, AllModern, Birch Lane, and Perigold.

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