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Behind The Design: Organizing My Pantry

When we moved into this condo in Spring 2017, one of the very first things we were thrilled to have was an actual pantry! Prior to this, we’d had really good storage in our kitchens — our studio apartment in NYC had WAY more cabinets than we ever used and our first apartment in WA had a tall pantry cabinet — but this was the first time we had an actual step-in pantry and we were geeked! My husband cooks, I clean, and it’s a glorious arrangement for us. With that, it meant he now had a place to hoard store all his culinary things, while for me it was a place to organize… a win-win all around. 

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Amazon Prime Day vs. Target Deal Days: Here's What You Need To Know

If you know even a little bit of my shopping habits then you already know two of my favorite go to retailers for all the things are Target and Amazon…and if you don’t know my fav retailers, you can go ahead and download my list of fav retailers here.

I like to think I share equal parts of my heart for Target and Amazon — I am a literal card carrying Target REDcard holder and have been an Amazon Prime member for more years than I can remember. So when I heard the news that Target was coming out with Target Deal Days, I was instantly excited — deeper discounts than their usual deals? SIGN. ME. UP!

These new deal days are in DIRECT competition with Amazon’s Prime Day, also July 15th and 16th.  Well played Target, well played.

While the word “competition” tends to denote something negative, I can’t think of anything better than this! So being the self-appointed shopping connoisseur that I am, I’m gonna simplify this for you so that you can get the most bang for your browsing buck for those two days of deals.

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Wayfair Alternatives: 10 Major Retailers For All Things Home

When it comes to social causes and political matters, I do my best — by choice — to keep that off public radar. I prefer to keep those types of conversations at the dinner table or in my text messages, not on my timeline and certainly not on the blog. But earlier this week, a retailer I’d shopped for years — for myself and for clients — did something some really stopped me dead in my tracks and forced me to reevaluate my relationship with them. 

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Amazon Shopping: ROYGBIV For The Home

One of my favorite presentation styles as a merchandiser was color blocking but specifically using ROYGBIV to display merchandise. What’s ROYGBIV? ROYGBIV is an acronym for Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet — aka the rainbow. With June being LGBT Pride Month, I have been reminded of how a rainbow — ROYGBIV — can be a fun and vibrant addition to any space! Since shopping Amazon is one of my favorite past times here are my ROYGBIV inspired finds for the entire home.

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Shop The Design: Brooklyn, NY Studio Makeover

Where some people tend to get overwhelming and tap out, is where I just get started. I love the research that goes into finding the right pieces to fit the parameters of any projects — size, cost, timeframe, etc. Because I enjoy digging around the interwebs for product so much, I forget how many of you actually hate the whole things — like loathe it. Needless to say, so many of you messaged me asking about where to find so many of the items from my latest One Room Challenge reveal. Over on my Instagram, I also had you guys guess what you thought the room totaled, and while majority voted correctly, a large amount of you were also about $1000 to $1500 short. That’s when I knew I had to dedicate a separate post to just the shopping list.

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10 Amazing Art Finds From Amazon

After the One Room Challenge week 5 update, I was overwhelmed by how many of you couldn’t believe that the artwork in the project was from Amazon. The 4-piece canvas featuring the silhouettes of 4 dope African American females is only one of many amazing art finds I’ve uncovered on Amazon — I practically shop for a living — and so I decided to share ten of my recent art favs from Amazon that I think you’ll love too!

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The Personal & Professional Benefits of Being an Amazon Prime Member

As a mother, a wife, and an entrepreneur Amazon has become so much more than a shopping site — it’s a resource! There is a myriad of ways to take advantage of all that Amazon offers — whether it’s by simply shopping the site, getting a prime membership, or using their devices and that’s not even scratching the surface! How and why I use Amazon only makes up for a fraction of the site’s features & benefits.

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Part 2 of My 2018 Amazon Prime Day Round Up

If you've been hanging out with me in real life or virtually for any length of time you know that I am an unapologetic shopaholic -- much to the chagrin of my husband & wallet -- but what you may not know is exactly where I love to shop. Topping that list for YEARS is Amazon, and for that reason, I am a PROUD "card-carrying" Prime member

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2018 Amazon Prime Day Round Up: What's In My Cart?

If you've been hanging out with me in real life or virtually for any length of time you know that I am an unapologetic shopaholic -- much to the chagrin of my husband & wallet -- but what you may not know is exactly where I love to shop. Topping that list for YEARS is Amazon, and for that reason, I am a PROUD "card-carrying" Prime member

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Spring Into Summer Home Decor Shopping Haul

As I got ready to makeover our balcony for the One Room Challenge I did quite a bit of shopping from some of my fav retailers. So let's go over everything I bought so you can hopefully get inspired to create some indoor/outdoor Hygge in your home for the warmer months!

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Shop With Me: How To Hygge In Spring?

We’re so conditioned to think Hygge is synonymous with winter, but that’s not the case.

While there's an obvious correlation between the two, many elements of Hygge living can be carried into spring!

I want to make sure my Hygge living transcends seasons & in addition to actual lifestyle hacks, purposeful decor is part of that transition.

In this haul, featuring items from Amazon, Joss & Main, and Target, I was very intentional about choosing items that illustrating Hygge decor -- textural and natural elements for a cozy, blissful home. 

Check out some of my fav Hygge decor finds for the Spring season! 

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Rental Bathroom Refresh Update: Grey Paint & Gold Decor

I'm back in the bathroom! 

In my last refresh update, I shared how I used stylish storage solutions, budget-friendly DIY, and creative design to transform my boring, beige bathroom into something more spa-like, tranquil, and Hygge inspired. 

I felt great to see that transformation start to take shape but here's the thing: 


I was totally in love with the updates, especially considering how pragmatic & affordable they were, but I knew there was something I needed to tackle or I'd never be satisfied -- THE WALLS! 

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