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Kitchen Accessories Shopping Guide: Red

If you’ve been keeping up with my kitchen color series, then you know the two most recent shopping guides were hues of blue and all white everything. With Memorial Day just passing and 4th of July on the way, it just made perfect sense (to me at least) to close out the American flag trifecta of kitchen decor. So here we are folks — a red kitchen accessories shopping guide!

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Kitchen Accessories Shopping Guide: All White Everything

The all white kitchen trend is one that every season people wonder if it’s over. But here’s the thing — there is more than one way to achieve an “all white kitchen” look. If the trend of all white everything is one that you’re holding on to with both hands and/or have secretly been coveting for your own home, you can totes get your wish without doing a complete overhaul of your cabinets and counters. For this installment of my kitchen color guide series we’re tackling the ever so popular (or hated) white on white!

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Kitchen Accessories Shopping Guide: Hues of Blue!

We're back with another installation of the kitchen color series! And I figured what better color to do during the winter than the cool hues of blue. If you read my High Point Market trends forecast from Fall 2018 market, then you know that one of the color families that was very prevalent at market was denim blue hues. We’ve got some navy, some royal, some aqua…a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

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Valentine's Day Tablescape Ideas: Three Ways

It’s that wonderful time of year where getting a restaurant reservation is harder than trying to get a toddler to bed on time. Call me old fashioned but I’d much rather celebrate my love in the quiet, intimate setting of my home. There’s no wait time, no mandatory gratuity, and no dress code. Here are three tablescape ideas — whether you’re celebrating romance with your significant other or Galentine’s Day with your best friends — to make your at home Valentine’s Day plans fabulous & unique!

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Renter Friendly Kitchen Backsplash with The Smart Tiles

When we first moved into our condo, there were things we didn’t love — cosmetically — but nothing that was a game changer. While a few of the other rooms required a bit more processing, from the very beginning I looked at the kitchen with a hard squinty eye. And to be clear, it wasn’t that we didn’t like the backsplash, but there was literally wasn’t any. My thinking was this — add a backsplash to offset the look & feel of the cabinets, floors, and counters, for something a bit cooler & more contemporary. Our landlord was perfectly fine with it & so fast forward, and I am finally tackling the kitchen with a much needed facelift. 

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Achieving Simple Feng Shui For Happy Living

The words "Feng" and "Shui" have very simple meanings -- "wind" and "water" -- that represent the presence of balance & harmony. The overarching principle behind the art of Feng Shui is about creating harmony in your everyday life through the flow of energy. This is why so often, although sometimes misused, we'll hear people talk about Feng Shui when referring to their furniture layout -- how is the energy moving throughout this space? That flow of energy is your "chi" and at the center of really establishing good Feng Shui and ultimately setting the tone for your space. 

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Spring Coffee Corner Refresh

Spring Is In The Air!! And I am here for all of it because while I've ALWAYS been a big fan of Spring, something about it this year is almost contagious -- all I want to do is go for walks, lighten up my decor, and immerse myself in all things Spring related.  Being that my coffee corner is a HUGE part of my days, naturally, it was going to get a Sring makeover! Using a bit of what I got from my previous shopping hauls, I took to transitioning my coffee corner into the new season!

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Sassy & Charming Los Angeles Apartment Redesign

Take it from me, moving across the country can be equally exciting and nerve wrecking. You're literally kicking off a brand new adventure, no matter the reason you're moving & mo matter how prepared you think you are. Personally, I never truly appreciated the differences in the two coasts till having moved from east to west; so I could 100% empathize with this client as she kicked off a move from Virginia to California.

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Valentine's Day Date Night Tablescapin

It’s that wonderful time of year where getting a restaurant reservation is harder than trying to get a toddler to bed on time.

I’ve never been one to “celebrate” Valentine’s Day for a myriad of reasons but especially because of the crowds — everyone’s outside with their red dresses, red ties, and red roses clamoring for a spot at a “romantic” restaurant.

How is yelling over dozens of other patrons just for a glass of over even remotely romantic?!

Call me old fashioned but I’d much rather celebrate my love in the quiet, intimate setting of my home. There’s no wait time, no mandatory gratuity, and no dress code.

So this year, whether you’re “celebrating” with your significant other over a candlelit dinner or with your fav besties over a casual brunch, I challenge you to trade in the public fanfare for an at home meal... and that starts with fabulous tablescaping! 

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Beverage Bar Basics: Holiday Edition

Tis' the season for cozy nights & warm beverages -- tis' the Hygge way! And nothing is more Hygge for the holiday season than a warm beverage -- whether you're a hot cocoa drinker, coffee lover, or tea enthusiast. 

As I finally pulled together my very first holiday-inspired "coffee corner" I decided to share with you some of my tried & true tips for creating your very own at home cafe. 

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H&M Food & Friends Kitchenware Collection

So last month, one of the things that made me happy & made my favorites list was H&M's new fall kitchenware collection, Food & Friends. Even the dangone name sounds awesome, so in hidnsight, I shouldn't have expected anything less than epic happiness delivered to my door when I ordered some of the collection items. 

When I first saw the launch email, the first thing that excited me about the collection was the palette -- woon tones, rich navy blues, and lots of gold ✨ it was like someone from H&M snuck into my home & decided to create a collection curated around my actual palette...



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Kitchen Accessories Shopping Guide: Blush Pink!

This year blush pink as definitely become a growing trend in fashion & home decor, serving almost as neutral and getting paired with lots of metal tones and/or dark dramatic hues. But despite, it's growing popularity, it's definitely one of those colors that is a kitchen challenge -- how do you do it without dredging up old school kitchen nostalgia?

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