How To...Lazy Bed Making


It’s no secret that I love making my bed. It’s actually a rare occurrence for my bed to be unmade — and it’s usually because I wasn’t the last person in it. I’ve always found that making the bed, no matter how disheveled the rest of the space looked, instantly made the whole bedroom look put together. 

This may be what happens when you live in a studio apartment for five years, and your bed is front and center!

In any case, I stand behind the theory and making my bed honestly makes me feel good, like it’s one thing (if nothing else) I accomplished for the day! And should there be a day where the bed wasn’t made, I will unapologetically make it right before going to sleep — I hate getting into an undone bed. 

But I’m not a complete maniac — there are days I am too tired, busy, or just plain ol’ lazy to make the bed. Does this mean I completely abandon the habit? Nope! It just means I had to find lazy ways to get it done. 

Lazy Hack No. 1: Skipping the Flat Sheet

Now in case you’re unfamiliar with the anatomy of a full bedding set, for the ones I purchase, it’s usually a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillowcases. Then I pair that with my duvet set, which is the duvet cover and two additional pillowcases. Rounding out all the other things on my bed are the mattress protector, pillow protectors, duvet insert, euro pillows, and decorative pillows. 

Skipping the flat sheet is a recent hack I adopted and it’s one I’m mad I didn’t do sooner! 

Not fussing with the flat sheet means making the bed is as simple as straightening the fitted sheet, laying out the duvet, and putting all the pillows back in place. Really is that easy!

Lazy Hack No. 2: Using Duvets, Not Comforters

While this hasn’t improved the actual bed making process a ton, it has changed my relation with changing the sheets. 

Do you know how hard it is to fold and store a whole comforter? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you — HARD AF!

Switching to duvet covers meant changing that top cover was as easy as changing the sheets themselves, because I was keeping the same insert and simply recovering it with a new duvet. And when I’d be feeling particularly lazy, I could leave the insert bare and still look intentional & put together. 

Lazy Hack No. 3: Using Neutral Sheets, With Minimal Prints

I may have shared this over on my Instagram but I purged a lot of my bedding — like a lot! — getting rid of all my sets that featured bold prints, in favor of simple stripe designs and/or solids. More recently, I purged all of my darker sets as well, keeping my white, greys, and beiges. 


Aside from wanting the bedroom to feel lighting and brighter, I realized it was easier to “mask” imperfection with those neutral sets than with the darker and/or printed ones. Think of it like a “messy bun”. You know her hair isn’t done done, and yet it looks fine. Same idea here. Imperfect, damn near messy, white sheets look way better than a slightly disheveled blue sheet with floral prints. 

Lazy Hack No. 4: Pillow Covers For Decorative Pillows

One of the biggest complaints I hear from people when it comes to their bed is the upkeep of the decorative pillows. I treat em just like my regular sleep pillows — change their cover when I change the sheets. At the end of the day they go in a designated “pillow corner” and when it’s time to make the bed the next day, I pop em back on the bed easy peasy.

For context, I typically have 4 to 5 decorative pillows on the bed, in addition to our 4 standard pillows. 

While this isn’t a “hack” it is something that takes the pressure off because, going back to my neutral sheets, I don’t have the pressure of constantly rotating the accent pillows.This pressure, or lack thereof, is clutch for actually getting the bed done. 

Lazy Hack No. 5: Having Designated Sides

So in case you didn’t know, I’m married. For a long time we each kind of just slept or whichever side of the bed we landed on. It hasn’t been till recently — maybe last year — that we decided to pick a side and talk about a game changer. 

I can’t explain, but I can sleep without ever really disturbing the sheets while my husband is the total opposite — even when taking a nap, I can expect him to leave the sheets in shambles!

So really when I’m making the bed everyday, I’m just making his side because mine is basically untouched, and nights when he isn’t home altogether, it takes me maybe two minutes to do the whole thing — pillows and all.

Now these hacks may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they have definitely contributed to keeping my bed made more often than not; and based on a poll I did in my Instragram stories a while back, that’s more than I can say for many of you… #judgmentfreezone.

Where do you land when it comes to making your bed — is it a habit/routine you enjoy or is that just not your jam?

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