Rental Bathroom Refresh Update: Grey Paint & Gold Decor


I'm back in the bathroom! 

In my last refresh update, I shared how I used stylish storage solutions, budget-friendly DIY, and creative design to transform my boring, beige bathroom into something more spa-like, tranquil, and Hygge inspired. 

I felt great to see that transformation start to take shape but here's the thing: 


I was totally in love with the updates, especially considering how pragmatic & affordable they were, but I knew there was something I needed to tackle or I'd never be satisfied -- THE WALLS! 

After much deliberation -- like lots & lots of deliberation -- on paint versus wallpaper, I decided to go with paint. Sherwin Williams i, 9 times out of 10, my preferred paint resource so after browsing MANY of theirwhites & greys, I decided to go with Zircon (SW7667) from their Timeless Color collection.

I knew I wanted the bathroom to feel "coolor", as it realted to the overall tone; and I wanted it to feel brighter and more open, especially since there are no windows. 

Going with a white or a grey would allow the bathroom to feel bigger than it actually is and definitely give it that clean, crisp, spa-like feel. 

I opted for the grey walls and a white ceiling, versus white walls because, well, we have a toddler, LOL. While painting is in NO WAY my area of exprtise, novice at best, I decided to tackle this because I'm impatient and wanted to see my vision come to life. 

In addition to painting, I decided to switch out a few things. Not that there was anything wrong with them, but I figured if I'm gonna do this, I might as well do...this!

I switched out our shower caddy -- the one we bought when we moved in for a larger, gold shower caddy. I love this caddy for SO many reasons -- it is noticeably larger than the other one, which is great because now the 16 oz bottles -- the ones we use more often -- could live on the bottom shelf, and the 8 oz bottles could live on the top shelf. It also had a more modern, streamlined look, and the gold finish was an added bonus! Immediately after hanging it in the shower, I could notice a difference -- the surround felt brighter & way more glam!

I also switched out the shower curtain hooks for a new set of double hooked, gold hooks. I can even tell you how cool it is that the liner can hang on on one side, and the curtain on the other.

Mind. Blown. 

Because I love ALL THINGS ACRYLIC (or glass or lucite) when it comes to storage in my bathroom, I naturally invested in some new acrylic trays. But this was also a pragmatic choice -- one for the toilet bowl tank & one for the wall shelves.

Previously on the tank was a small basket, however, I put that basket to use elsewhere because I wanted something that wasn't as visually obstructive. I also wanted something bigger that would comfortably house wipes, extra toilet paper, and some smell goods. 

While on the wall shelves, it was more a little more than vanity reasons -- every time we'd use the containers containing oils, no matter how careful we were, they'd leak a little. It only takes a few little leaks to become a problem; hell it only takes one! No one wants an oily shelf!

The acrylic tray would protect the shelf & keep any potential mess contained. Plus the textured rain pattern is just really pretty!

This is why I stress the importance of pacing purchases & living with things for a bit -- after a couple of months with the glass jars, I was able to discern that they weren't serving us to their full potential but now with the shower caddy upgrade & acrylic tray addition, they're absolutely perfect for us!

While I still plan on making a few more changes that are TBD, like adding a small footprint stool/bench below the wall shelves (which may be an upcoming table upcycle) and switching out the switch plates from ivory to white, the bathroom definitely feels way more like us, compared to when we moved in just over a year ago. 

The bathroom now had the high-end, curated look that anyone would want for their bathroom, while still serving our family in a way that fits our needs and lifestyle.  

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