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4 Pieces to Transition Your Home Into Spring

Thankfully, winter is gone, gone, gone, and spring is officially underway, which means time to pack away all that winter wardrobe and decor, and step into some long overdue spring style! Since I am no fashionista, here are my 4 recommended pieces to help you transition your home into spring:

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Pros & Cons of Moving

So in my lifetime, I've moved 7 times. With every move, I found myself constantly trying to define my life via my space. I'm someone who lives in my head, and with that, someone who's always planning and envisioning and daydreaming. I'd get lost in thought planning changes I'd want to make; because no matter what was happening around me, I needed to be able to control my home. With each move, this has never changed. But also with each move, I've learned just a little bit more about myself, the people in my life, and honestly, the world around me.

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3 Reasons I Loved Our New York City Studio Apartment

When I moved into my Hell’s Kitchen studio nearly 7 years ago, I had no hesitations — large kitchen, washer/dryer, and an amazing view all equaled a no brainer. The square footage didn’t matter to me because it was just me.  Then I met my now husband. THEN we had a baby. Suddenly my perfect bachelorette studio started to resemble one of my many shoe boxes. In hindsight, it was great, and I'm glad we didn't immediately move!

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Rental Bathroom Refresh Update: Grey Paint & Gold Decor

I'm back in the bathroom! 

In my last refresh update, I shared how I used stylish storage solutions, budget-friendly DIY, and creative design to transform my boring, beige bathroom into something more spa-like, tranquil, and Hygge inspired. 

I felt great to see that transformation start to take shape but here's the thing: 


I was totally in love with the updates, especially considering how pragmatic & affordable they were, but I knew there was something I needed to tackle or I'd never be satisfied -- THE WALLS! 

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Sassy & Charming Los Angeles Apartment Redesign

Take it from me, moving across the country can be equally exciting and nerve wrecking. You're literally kicking off a brand new adventure, no matter the reason you're moving & mo matter how prepared you think you are. Personally, I never truly appreciated the differences in the two coasts till having moved from east to west; so I could 100% empathize with this client as she kicked off a move from Virginia to California.

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Easy Rental Bathroom Refresh: Budget Friendly & Reversible Upgrades

During the holidays I began working on refreshing our condo rental bathroom, to take it from dated & dull to feeling tranquil, spa-like, and Hygge inspired. While still a work in progress, check out my progress so far with stylish storage solutions, budget-friendly DIYs, and creative design.

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Putting Together Our Dining Room: Part 1

Even before we officially decided to move, I would fantasize about designing wherever we would end up -- floor planning, coordinating color schemes, wish listing -- doing all the things I would do for a client.

Fast forward, to when we started doing apartment tours and then to when ultimately chose a place, I was super excited about having a space to really flex my design muscle (not for lack of trying in our NYC studio).  

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How To Fit 3 People In a New York City Studio

New York City living is practically synonymous with small space living, so whenever I tell people that we used to live in a NYC studio apartment, in the heart of Manhattan no less, the expressions on their faces tend to alternate between amazement, confusion, and pity. But for 16 months, my husband, daughter, and I all comfortable fit in our c. 500 sq. ft. studio. 

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October Favorites: 31 Things That Made Me Happy

🍁 Welcome to November! 🍂

I feel like I JUST did my September favorites and yet here I am already doing October. It's as though God sat on the remote, and is speed channel surfing. Not that I'm complaining, but I don't know that I've ever seen a year fly by the way 2017 has. 

No matter how fast it goes by though, I still found some time to stop and think about the things -- great or small -- that made me happy. 

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Charming Modern Kitchen

I love working on projects where the client knows early on what they want for the simple fact that it feels more like a collaboration than a job; and this remodel was, from start to finish, an awesome collaboration! She had a great vision in mind for updated their kitchen. We weren't making any changes to the actual foot print -- this was all cosmetic, and all fun.

The initial mood board was inspired by their style, as well as the style of the house, since th the kitchen is part of an open concept floor plan.

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September Favorites in Design, Biz, and Motherhood

September was definitely filled with a lot of shifts in my professional, personal, and academic life -- I find myself really trying to focus on very intentional & specific launches; both my husband & I were now both in school again (I had the summer off, he didn't), so managing our time was a lot of trial & error; and just being back in school, although taking 1 less class than I usually do, really forced me to adjust the rest of my life to make sure nothing fell to the side of the road. 

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August Favorites in Design, Biz, and Motherhood

Another month gone! It's funny how, as I evolve as a person, it manifests in all the different areas of my life. For example, I resolved not too long ago to go through life with a more grateful spirit, really taking stock of my blessings & victories, big & small. At the top of the year I'd even started a gratitude & happiness board (although I haven't kept up as I should) where at the end of each day, I'd write down on a post thought 1 thing that happened that day that made me happy or that I was thankful for -- everything from a new amazon package to a new client. I've decided to take it a step further, and now, at the end of every month, I'm going to share with you a round up of things that brought me happiness, clarity, and peace -- one for each day of the month -- in hopes that they'll do the same for you.


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