Shop With Me: How To Hygge In Spring?

Albie Knows Spring Hygge Haul

We’re so conditioned to think Hygge is synonymous with winter, but that’s not the case.

While there's an obvious correlation between the two, many elements of Hygge living can be carried into spring!

I want to make sure my Hygge living transcends seasons & in addition to actual lifestyle hacks, purposeful decor is part of that transition.

In this haul, featuring items from Amazon, Joss & Main, and Target, I was very intentional about choosing items that illustrating Hygge decor -- textural and natural elements for a cozy, blissful home. 

Check out some of my fav Hygge decor finds for the Spring season! 

First thing I got was a small artificial basil leaf wreath from Amazon. Why is it people only think to hang wreaths for Christmas? Well maybe not you, but ya know... other people.

I wanted to really introduce greenery in my space from the front door to the back room, and this basil leaf wreath, while artificial, does a great job of adding that greenery & announcing Spring.

As a fun "DIY" I added the tops of some faux flowers I had from last year to the wreath, really adding to more visual depth & interest to the wreath. 

After getting the blush version of these white faux tulips, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I’d be getting more; and the white is just perfect year round, but especially for the spring.

Also from Amazon, I’ll be pairing these tulips, most likely, with the blush ones in different vases throughout the house.

The next 2 items are not only from Amazon, but from the same brand — Mkono.

Macrame is a great textural element that can really make a statement while still be soft & cozy. Macrame is great Hygge!

This is why I was especially pulled towards these decor pieces — Hygge in the spring! I’ve always appreciated the look & overall vibe of macrame decor, but never really dabbled til now. I got a wall mirror with macrame hanger for our bedroom door & a macrame banner for the fireplace. 

My fireplace has been naked since the holidays, which bothered me, so I knew I wanted/needed something to adorn it just slightly, with overpowering the already tech-heavy mantle. I also knew I wanted something on our bedroom door; something significant yet delicate.

While hanging a mirror directly across from the main door is considered bad Feng Shui, I was willing to risk it — the fact that the bedroom faces the door is already bad Feng Shui that’s out of my control so why not just commit?!

Also from Amazon, I got a trio of self-watering pots for a small herb garden. This is something my husband & I had talked about doing for a really long time; so I finally decided, while prepping for the spring, to get it done.

My husband loves to cook, especially with fresh ingredients, and so this is as close as we’re gonna get (for now) to “farm to table” cooking. This trio will live on the balcony, where we’ll start out with 3 of our fav herbs before exploring more.

Next, from Joss & Main, I got 2 new pitchers. Nothing says "Spring is here!" like having a cool beverage on the balcony. Our go-to beverages — lemonade or iced tea. 

The first pitcher adds a real Spring Hygge element to the decor since it’s adorned with botanical palm leaves. Its gold rim is the perfect subtle hint of glam to compliments to spring tropical aesthetic. The 2nd pitcher is a simple glass pitcher, that features a classic silhouette.

Also for the kitchen, I got a set of glass bowls...large glass bowls. This purchase was both pragmatic — we needed larger soup & cereal bowls — but also aesthetic since I wanted bowls to coordinate with my glass mugs & plates for breakfast.

Lastly, I got a new set of wood & stone coasters that I am living for. The set — my first of square coasters — caught my attention for its combination of wood & marble. A marriage of natural elements, these coasters immediately spoke Hygge to me, so they were a must buy. Plus I wanted new casual coasters.

On an impromptu trip to Target with my little one, I picked up a few new pieces. 

The first was a gold dipped vase from the clearance area. For the price it was a must have, and I immediately knew it’d be the perfect home for some of my tulips, replacing my deep navy blue vases for the season. 

Also from the clearance area, I got a small glass jar with a gold lid. Available in 2 sizes (both clearance), I only got the smaller of the 2 because I immediately had a purpose for it — a home for my letterboard letters, since they’d outgrown the bowl they were in.

Last, I got a new shower curtain. I knew I wanted a white shower curtain after taking in the recent updates I’d made. While a bit more than I wanted to spend on a shower curtain, as soon as I saw this one (I’d been looking for a while) I immediately knew it was the one. I love how it’s a textured, bright white — the perfect final touch to my bathroom refresh.

Most of these pieces have already found their place in the condo & I just can’t wait for Spring to officially be here!

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