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High Point Market Trends I’m Looking Forward To In 2019

Going to High Point Market did a lot for my businesses but I made to observe as not only a designer, but as a design enthusiast. I wanted to take in all the inspiration & trends with a curated eye, thinking about how a lot of what I was seeing would eventually start to show up in the marketplace in the new year. After finally getting a chance to catch my breath, I’m sharing with you my 2019 forecast, but also how a lot of it is already around us. 

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Renter Friendly Lighting Solutions

I’ve made it no secret that I don’t let the fact that I rent keep me from making our place cozy & chic, and really feel like a home. What I love about both these solutions — sconces & picture lights — is that, alongside your chandeliers & lamps, you'll have the ability to play with different lighting moods in your space, while introducing brand new decor that can have a moment, while still complementing (and completing) the rest of the look. 

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One Room Challenge Week 4: Master Bedroom Refresh With George Nelson Bubble Sconces

As a renter, the common theory is that we deal with whatever the existing ceiling lighting is are and then maybe get some table and/or floor lamps, but that’s not what I wanted. 

I wanted sconces specifically to make the best use of the space — table & floor lamps take up space that I wasn’t willing to spare. After having a table lamp on our nightstand for nearly a year I knew I wanted that surface area back. 

Even as a renter, with a very focused search, I quickly found that I was not limited in my stylish lighting solutions.

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Shop With Me: Current Surya Home Favorites

One of my favorite designer brands -- Surya -- is a destination for beautiful accents & decor, and it also happens to be a designer favorite. What you may not know, however, is that it's also an accessible brand at other regular-degular retailers (some of your favs!) that you can easily shop on your own. 

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Shop With Me: Lamps Plus Table Lamps

Lamps Plus is a favorite go-to destination for a variety of lighting in gorgeous styles & options at very competitive prices, not to mention the fact that they carry a whole heap of other furnishing & decor items (hence the 'plus' in the name!). 

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Casual Glam Beauty Room & Home Office

This makeup artist was inspired by some of YouTube's biggest gurus, Tati Westbrook & Desi Perkins, to convert her "bonus room" into a beauty room & home office.

After watching my first beauty room e-design, she reached out & I was so excited to collaborate with her to create her beauty dreamscape.

This design was everything I love about online design -- collaborating with someone fun & creative, designing remotely with someone I'd otherwise NEVER meet, and most importantly, LITERALLY transforming a room & a life. 

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How To Hygge For The Holidays?

What Hygge represents runs parallel with what the winter holiday season represents -- warmth, happiness, coziness, and gratitude. So, how do you Hygge for the holidays?

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Easy Tablescaping Tips & Ideas

Tablescaping isn't exclusive to dining tables, although this time of year, it's often assumed that it is. Any time you're decorating a tabletop surface and/or creating a sort of flat surface vignette -- dining table, coffee table, fireplace mantle, console table, sideboard, bar cart, bookshelf -- YOU'RE TABLESCAPING!

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Easy Dining Room Measurements

Wherever you are in your design journey, there are some key basics that you need to know to get your dining situation situated, especially when it comes to measurements so that you get the appropriate pieces that fit the space as much as they fit your lifestyle.

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5 Tips For Decorating a Rental

Whenever the debate of renting versus owning comes up, one of the biggest points of differentiation is how much you can do with your home -- home owners LOVE to remind renters of what they can't do to elevate the design in their rental. As a lifelong renter, I promise you there are so many options available to you, if you know where to look. Good interior design isn't limited to home renovations, so let's talk about 5 quick and easy ways you can step it up in your rental. 

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