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10 Amazing Art Finds From Amazon

After the One Room Challenge week 5 update, I was overwhelmed by how many of you couldn’t believe that the artwork in the project was from Amazon. The 4-piece canvas featuring the silhouettes of 4 dope African American females is only one of many amazing art finds I’ve uncovered on Amazon — I practically shop for a living — and so I decided to share ten of my recent art favs from Amazon that I think you’ll love too!

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Shop With Me: Current Surya Home Favorites

One of my favorite designer brands -- Surya -- is a destination for beautiful accents & decor, and it also happens to be a designer favorite. What you may not know, however, is that it's also an accessible brand at other regular-degular retailers (some of your favs!) that you can easily shop on your own. 

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Beverage Bar Basics: Holiday Edition

Tis' the season for cozy nights & warm beverages -- tis' the Hygge way! And nothing is more Hygge for the holiday season than a warm beverage -- whether you're a hot cocoa drinker, coffee lover, or tea enthusiast. 

As I finally pulled together my very first holiday-inspired "coffee corner" I decided to share with you some of my tried & true tips for creating your very own at home cafe. 

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Putting Together Our Dining Room: Part 1

Even before we officially decided to move, I would fantasize about designing wherever we would end up -- floor planning, coordinating color schemes, wish listing -- doing all the things I would do for a client.

Fast forward, to when we started doing apartment tours and then to when ultimately chose a place, I was super excited about having a space to really flex my design muscle (not for lack of trying in our NYC studio).  

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Celebrate National Coffee Day With These Steamy Finds

Today is all about celebrating all the wonderfulness that is coffee -- from the taste to the aroma -- and I will be the first to raise my hand & join in the jubilee. I don't pretend to be a coffee connoisseur, especially since my preferred java of choice is Bustelo, through & through; BUT now that I live in Seattle [adjacent], I know that there is something to be said for just an amazing brew. Here are some of my fav swoon worthy coffee finds to help you elevate your next coffee experience.

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Where Art & Interior Design Come Together: Hannah Lowe Corman Partnership

Now y'all already know my feelings on aesthetic & well-being, so I am always looking for ways to bring feelings of happiness & balance alive through my designs for my clients. That's exactly what Hannah Lowe Corman's art is all about -- creating art that inspires tranquility & peace -- so meeting her was almost like kismet. 

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