5 Easy Steps To Choosing Color

Albie Knows 5 Easy Steps To Choosing Color

So often when I'm working on a design the biggest dilemma tends to revolve around color -- picking colors, matching colors, using colors -- so I thought it be cool to share some of my "wisdom" on color!

Colors Have Feelings Too

Although this can definitely vary from culture to culture, it's known that colors effect your mood & emotions. THey're also a great way to express your personality in a way that's tangible. 


associated with being creative, cheerful, and happy, can really make you feel at peace in a neutral setting 


associated with harmony & growth, and a great color for connecting with nature


associated with enthusiasm, passion, and power; and conducive to warmth & intimacy


a "cool" tone associated with loyalty & peaceful feelings, making it great for creating a calm environment


associated with optimism & innovation but best in small doses


associated with lacking in emotion & impartiality; translation: a great transitional color 


associated with elegance & extravagance, perfect for adding glam touches to any decor


like grey, it's an adaptable color, yet with an air of mystery


associated with purity, perfection and innocence so perfect to building a palette that is serene & neutral


everything white isn't; so dark, hidden, and complex, so perfect for drawing the eye & adding drama to any space

Now obviously these aren't the only colors available, however, every color will fall into one of these 3 categories -- neutrals, warm, and cool, denoting that certain colors and color groups can set the "tone" for the space.

How Do I Choose Colors?

Choosing Color With Albie Knows

I believe in choices so I always create a palette centered around 2-3 colors, sometimes even 4 -- my primary color for the larger pieces that'll anchor everything, my complimentary accent color(s) to break up any monotony, and a contrasting dramatic color for pops that I can thread throughout the space.

This is actually a technique I picked up in my past life as a visual merchandiser.

I never wanted the customer's eye to wander in a million different directions, but I also never wanted them to walk into my shop and feel underwhelmed; it was always about finding the perfect balance to draw them in & subtlety have a story unfold in front of them.

It's the same when I'm designing a space -- I wanted guests to feel at ease with what they're seeing, not overpowered but an assault of color or bored with the lack of. 

There are no hard & fast rules for choosing color. However my most helpful tips would be:

  1. choose 2-3 colors that not only compliment one another, but also your personality & the mood you want to set for the space
  2. if you find yourself stumped & have any existing pieces, draw inspiration from there & build around it
  3. don't be afraid to play with different shades of the same color; they exist for a reason
  4. go to the store or get online & request paint chips & fabric swatches in advance, if you have a fear of commitment
  5. build on neutrals with pops of color on pieces that you can easily switch out later
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